U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation

What can you tell me about the U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation?

Is this a genuine veterans charity organization that uses the funds appropriately for the soldiers?

Thank you for calling our attention to the outstanding and very much needed work being done by The U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation, and giving us the opportunity to spread the word about this fine organization.


The USWSF(http://www.uswoundedsoldiers.com/) was founded in 2004 by American Airlines flight attendant Teresa Goforth, who began flying Military Troop Transports in March, 2003. While on layover in Germany, she asked about the needs of wounded service members brought to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for treatment, and learned that casualties arrive there with nothing other than the clothes on their backs, if that.

USWSF provides clothing and toiletry items for distribution by local chaplains to assist service members arriving for medical treatment. And they also provide assistance for families of wounded troops staying at the Fisher House located next to the hospital.

The IRS Form 990 (tax return) filed by the United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation for the 2008 calendar year (the most recent available) shows the following:

Employees: 0
Volunteers: 10

Total revenue: $614,057 in contributions
Of that amount, $534,936 was non-cash contributions of clothing and personal articles.

USWSF reported the following expenses:

Program services expenses:

Grants and other assistance to governments, organizations, and individuals outside the U.S.: $607,754
Truck rental: $1,084
Total program service expense: $608,838 (99%)

Management and general expenses:

Accounting fees: $292
Advertising and promotion: $265
Office expenses: $3,310
Total mgmt and general expenses: $3,867 (1%)

Fundraising expenses: $0

In 2008, USWSF provided clothing and supplies to approximately 10,000 wounded U.S. service members arriving at Landstuhl for medical treatment.

This is a fine example of a veterans charity that exists for no purpose other than to provide much-needed assistance to our wounded warriors. We would whole-heartedly encourage you to support this organization's efforts with your donations.

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