by The TroopSwap Team
(McLean, VA)

Founded by two Army Rangers, the team is dedicated to working with reputable, military-friendly businesses to bring special deals and everyday discounts to verified active service members, veterans, spouses and their dependents.

Every day, TroopSwap sends out hand selected deals along with a selection of businesses near you who offer everyday discounts to members of the military community.

TroopSwap has five Local Markets that offer local deals and discounts, and a National Market, which offers deals that are available everywhere such as Krispy Kreme donuts or drop-shipped merchandise.

TroopSwap's local markets are:

• South Hampton Roads, VA

• Hampton Roads Peninsula, VA

• Washington, DC

• San Diego, CA

• Colorado Springs, CO

Who is eligible for membership?

Service Members, Military Spouses, Retirees, Veterans, and their Dependents are eligible for membership on TroopSwap.

Please note that membership does not guarantee that you are eligible for all of the offers on TroopSwap. For example, a merchant partner may choose to extend a discount only to Active Duty members and to Retirees. Any relevant restrictions will be clearly communicated.

How do they keep non-military types out?

TroopSwap has developed relationships that allow them to digitally verify member's military affiliation. Only members who have completed our validation process may participate in the promotions offered on's underlying philosophy is that everything we do must create value for the military community. That means in addition to providing great offers and discounts, TroopSwap is committed to hiring military spouses and Veterans in every market. In fact, the entire sales force is made up of proud military spouses and Veterans!

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