Tracking Santa 2009

NORAD tracking Santa 2009 Tracking Santa 2009 just got easier.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, who has for more than fifty years helped children around the world track Santa on his Christmas Eve flight around the world, has added even more ways to stay current on Santa's whereabouts this year.

You can follow Santa's flight on Facebook and Twitter.

There are pictures of Santa and his elves at NORAD briefings and other activities on Flickr. And you'll find videos of Santa as he zooms around the world on YouTube.

All these new methods of tracking Santa are in addition to the ability to track him on your phone or by calling (1-877-Hi-NORAD) or e-mailing (noradtrackssanta-AT-gmail-DOT-com), NORAD, the official Santa trackers.

You can track Santa all throughout the day. When you see him headed towards your house, it's time to leave some milk and cookies (and maybe a carrot for Rudolph) and snuggle into bed. Remember, Santa can't stop at your house if you're still up! So when Mom or Dad tells you Santa is on his way and it's time to go to bed, this is one night you don't want to argue!

NORAD first began tracking Santa by accident, when a 1955 Sears and Roebuck magazine ad in Colorado Springs mistakenly gave the number for NORAD instead of the Sears "Talk-to-Santa" hotline they were supposed to be advertising. The folks at NORAD were happy to provide callers with Santa's location, using their radar, and have tracked his journey every year since.

In 2004, Google Earth (which was "Keyhole Earth Viewer" then) showed Santa's trip around the world on Christmas Eve. Last year, more than eight million people tuned in to track Santa on Christmas Eve.

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