To Val Kilmer

by Wayne Knowles
(Shannon Hills, Ar. USA)

Mister Kilmer, you have just made a jackass of yourself, if you feel this way and are trying to retract your words to prevent loss of income or to retain what little political viability you think you have then you are dead wrong. Instead all you have shown is you lack the back bone to admit to your actions and accept responsibility for them which in my humble opinion makes you a very poor choice as a leader.

Leadership comes from actions not words and yours are much less than honorable. Thank you for showing what what a truly uninformed, inept person you are. Please continue acting as it is where you can at least pretend to be a person of ethics and moral fiber.

I apologize for any poor grammar, misspelled words, etc. I am one of those poor, uneducated nearly criminal persons who enlisted in the US Military because I didn't have your insight by pretending that I had served in the military.


Wayne Knowles
Sgt. E-5 Us Army Signal Corps
B Co. 54th Signal Battalion
Vietnam April 1968 - June 1970

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