To Those who serve, have served and those that gave it all !!!!!!

by charles ketz

Charles Ketz writes:

To Those who serve, have served and those that gave it all !!!!!!

I want to thank the Men and Women of our armed services for the selfless (and sometimes, it seems, thankless) job they do to provide us with the freedoms many of us hold so dear!

Especially appreciative are the veterans who have have served and have seen what horror and what tyrants there are out there that would love to destroy our way of life.

I served with the Navy Seabees towards the end of the Viet Nam war. Sometimes when I pass a returning veteran from these current conflicts, I can almost feel what they must be thinking. They return home, having left behind their best buddies, to a place that before they left seemed almost normal, and now some of them feel like a stranger in the place where they were born and raised. I know, I've been there!

But do know that we do appreciate all you've given and done. You've answered the call to stand by our country and protect our Flag and Rights as a Republic.

Thank you, all veterans from all wars and conflicts for the honor and duty you have bestowed upon this great Country!

P.O.3 Charles Ketz

P.O. Ketz, thank you for your service to our country, and Welcome Home.

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To my Fellow Vets
by: A Navy Vet

From someone who served in Vietnam, I honor your service to your family and your country. Stay strong, and come back.

To those who will never come back, my thoughts and prayers are with their families. God bless you all.

A Navy vet.

I Hold You Up . . .
by: Ana, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you does not seem to quite say how grateful I am, and how much I truly appreciate all the sacrifices that are made by our armed forces and those that are overseas, giving of themselves so that we can be free.

I just want to say THANK YOU and that I will continue to pray for our troops here and abroad....

Those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, I am in your debt, I hold you up in prayer.....


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