To the Troops of the United States of America:

by Tara McNamara
(Springfield, MA USA)

Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

Thank You for serving our country with honour and diligence!

We will ALWAYS support you! We will always be there for you!

We are going to continue to try and fight for more services for you because you deserve it!

You have sacrificed your bodies and your minds and we must fight for you as you have fought for us.

My family and I appreciate all that has been done by our military forces.

Please come home safe.

We will be waiting when you get back and hopefully with good news for your future!

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Thank You for Everything!
by: Aron

I cannot really express in words how I feel about every single one of you. What our servicemen and service women do (and did, to you Veterans) simply amazes me. You are the reason that we have a place called America.

Without the Military... Well, who knows what language we would be speaking right now. We could be part of Russia, or under attack from other countries right now. But are we? Nope. It's because you guys bust your butts to keep Uncle Sam safe from harm.

Thank you sincerely for every little thing you do. It will always have meaning to me and my family. I hope every single one of you get home safe.


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