To Kilmer and the Rest of Hollywood's Finest

by Gary H.

It's sad to see these celluloid heroes manifest themselves as real men who understand.

Kilmer never had to search the pack of one he was just instrumental in killing only to find a picture of the dead man's wife and children,to have this image of the dead man haunt him in nightmares for thirty plus years,to witness the result of the booby-trapped 155 round blowing away a bus full of civilians including women and children that this man was stopped from planting, from carrying a brother on a chopper in two pieces or more, and not the kind of chopper Kilmer may have ridden.

Wake up America! Your real heroes are not found in Hollywood. If you don't believe me, perhaps you should ask Jane Fonda.

Semper Fi
USMC Grunt
Vietnam Veteran

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Val Kilmer Has Foot in Mouth
by: Spider Man, CA

Val Kilmer must have learned everything he knows about Vietnam from Jane Fonda.

Enough said!

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