This guy is full of You-Know-What!

by Tony

If anybody who has never been shot at or wondered where the next incoming will land, thinks he knows what it's like to be a soldier, he is wrong.

When you don't know whether to cover you head with your pot, or your b***s, because the bullets are zipping or the shrapnel is flying, then you'll know what it's like. To think that that next second could be the end of your life because the s*#@ has hit the fan, and there isn't anything you can do about it except pray.

When there is incoming and you don't have a target to shoot at to make it stop, you might have an idea what it's like in a war zone.

And I don't think you'll hear very many soldiers discuss the fact that they actually had to take someone's life. It's just not the sort of thing they want fresh in their memory.

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