The Truth, and Nothing But...Kilmer

by Chris Johnson
(SH, FL)

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

Mr. Kilmer, you have degraded the men and women who served and really continue to serve. Yes, we served for your right to free speech and you used it, so own up to it as it was recorded.

Now take the heat for it like a man. My father served in the South Pacific in WWII, my older brother served in Germany and I served in Vietnam where I was severely wounded by North Vietnamese Army soldiers and my leg was shot off by an RPG.

Many brave men saved me that day so I have a right to free speech. And you, sir, have no clue about who served, and what it is like to be under enemy fire and to kill enemy and lose buddies you lived and fought with.

Your odd comments are nothing more than outright lies and ignorant rubbish. Why would a famous actor be so arrogant to not care? Any apology would be a lie and self serving so don't bother as it will do nothing for us who served in Vietnam because we don't have much to lose compared to you.

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what awards has val earned in his industry
by: tom cruise


impossible to work with and gets in the way of getting things done

he is impossible.

miserable dude, hates life.

daddy bought his way into showbiz and he couldn't even get it right

his claims to fame, ie the doors movie, how many have really watched the whole thing? its impossible to enjoy or watch, and it was great acting, just ask val.

**Ed. note: We have no way of confirming whether the author is "the real Tom Cruise," the actor who starred in TOPGUN with Kilmer, but tend to think the actor would be unlikely to post these comments in this thread.

If we're wrong, please contact us, Tom, and we'll edit this post.

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