The Silent Veterans

by A Silent Vet

I came home in civilian clothes, insignias in my pocket (1969), from the Marine Corps.

I never mentioned the war, until my family and friends talked me into being proud of being a vet. As of Feb 2014, I now wear my insignias.

I have not been to the wall yet, but I will go soon. Still was never welcomed home, but very glad to see vets now get the respect they deserve.

I am far beyond needing credit - the men and woman on the wall deserve all the credit. I'm in my late 60's now.

Welcome home, from a vet to all vets. Thanks for letting me write this.


Welcome Home! I'm so glad you found these pages. Thank you for telling your story.

I know you're not the only Vietnam vet who didn't talk about his war experience for many years. It's truly a shame that the social climate in this country made so many proud men hide the fact of their service.

It's largely because of the efforts of your fellow Viet Nam vets and their families that today's veterans are being treated more respectfully than your generation of vets were.

Everyone who serves our country deserves the respect of the other 99% who benefit from their service.

Semper Fi!

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I echo your comments
by: Joe B.

I came back in '67 and had to sit back to back with my buddy at the LA airport. We had each others backs in Nam and it carried over. Sad to think we had to do that.

Equally proud that the current vets receive their just due upon coming home.

Have been to the Wall numerous times but not since moving to the Midwest.

Semper Fi, Brother and thanks for what you did. Combat Action Ribbon is probably my most cherished possession.

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