Thanks to Vietnam Vets for continued service!

by Tom
(North Carolina)

My friends and I were too young for Vietnam. We were too old for Iraq and Afghanistan. We know this because we checked!

We are not completely naive about war. We know (only as well as one who has never been to war) how difficult it can be. We just had a near compulsion to substitute ourselves for a younger American. No matter how bad, we would rather it be us than them. We have done some things in life, but we have not yet served our country.

We felt we could serve, but the armed forces felt otherwise.

When our attempts were exhausted, the question was asked "What can we do to help?"

One friend said "We can make damn sure that if anyone tries to run these kids down the way they did our older brothers, that we are there to protect them! If they defend us overseas, we can defend them on our own soil. And if some altercation results and we get arrested, we can serve time in jail with a sense of pride that we did what little we could do under the circumstances presented to us."

I hope you Vietnam vets will understand from the above that much of the love, respect, and admiration of the present day troops (from those only a bit younger than you) is actually meant for you as well.

It was inspired by you, and is at least in part a reaction to how you were treated. In your honor, people like me will not allow today's troops to be mistreated in any way.

Therefore, thanks for your CONTINUING service to our country. The impact of your service is still being felt, and will for years to come.

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Much Appreciated
by: Joe B

Greatly appreciate the thoughts.


The privilege of serving was mine...
by: Ken

It is because of folks like you and your friends who support us, the thousands of Viet Namese refugees who have become American citizens and have led successful lives, and my brothers-in-arms, that I have NEVER REGRETTED the time I spent on the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. As for "continuing service", in my opinion, we do so because for me, I was never relieved of the Oath that I took to defend the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

God Bless America, for we are One Nation Under God.
PBR 152 - TF:116
IV Corps, RVN

Just Kids
by: Donotcallmedb

Thanks guys, for stepping up to the plate. But think again about your impulses to become sacrificial lambs...after all, this isn't the '50's... There's a LOT you can do besides go to jail.

How about heading for the nearest VA hospital and volunteering a little time - I can guarantee you that you'll see and meet some 'Nam guys there... We're winding down - descending in the way of the arc of the eternal arrow's flight...

Besides our brothers and buddies, we're missing our youth, missing our legs or arms, missing our families, missing our hair and teeth... But we've still got some memories that we'd probably like to share with you, if you only asked us...

And no matter how old and crusty, hard and gnarly we might look on the outside... On the inside, we're all still just about nineteen.

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