Thanks for your service at Christmas time!

by Anonymous

As a vet who spent several Christmas holidays deployed, I know how tough it really is and truly appreciate the sacrifices you are making for us! We'll keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers, praying for your safe return as soon as possible.

Please keep the faith and know that your service is doing what is needed for our freedom and well worth the sacrifices you are making.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Proud of those who serve their country with such honor!
by: Deb Rangel

Thank you for giving so much of yourselves in protecting your country and its citizens.

We are so very proud of you!

I wish you a safe and blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas
by: Bobbi Parton

I hope you have all found a way to join together and create some holiday traditions of your own to help you through the holidays.

I am always aware & thankful of what you do and what you sacrifice for me & my family.

With all the thanks & love I can send, I wish you a safe & Merry Christmas !

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