Thank You to Our Military

by Jackie

Until they all come home!!

Until they all come home!!

No words can express how much I appreciate your sacrifice.

I will try to put it to words: Without you there would be no America, it would be like all the other countries with no freedom!!

Thank you so so much for being willing to put your lives on hold for me and all of us in the USA.

My commitment to you is to be here praying and supporting you in anyway I can, and this is one way, by telling you.

I love you and can't wait for you to come home to your families!!

May God make His presence known to you that you might see the angels of the Lord encamped round about you.

Much love and concern,

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Thank a Soldier
by: peterstilgoe

We cannot repay them, but we can thank a soldier or sailor that we admire and love with a gift for military people.

It doesn’t matter whether the recipient is currently deployed in a combat zone,
on active duty stationed elsewhere, serving in the Reserves or the National Guard, or retired.

They served, or continue to serve, with courage, dedication and honor.

Amen, Peter. Thanks for your comment.

You Are Our Heroes
by: Anonymous

There are no adequate words to thank you, appreciate you and be grateful. BUT as long as I walk this earth you will NEVER be forgotten.

With honor, love and prayers

by: Anonymous

Thank You, for being truly brave.

There are so many of us wandering around trying to find a purpose in life.

You are fulfilling a great purpose at this exact moment in time. Many hope to achieve this, but few do.

You are all amazing people filled with extraordinary purpose.

Thank You!

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