Thank you to our military!

by Tammy Rushing
(Hernando, MS)

Tammy writes:

Words can never express the gratitude I feel every day for the ultimate sacrifices each member of our armed forces make daily for the freedom I enjoy.

May God continually watch over you, bless and encourage you as you so bravely do what you do.


Thank you for writing to express your gratitude for the sacrifices our troops and their families make on a daily basis to ensure the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

They see so much negative said about them in the press, and they need to know that there are millions of Americans who support and appreciate them. So thanks again for taking the time to let them know.

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U.S.S. CHARLES F. HUGHES, 1941-1945, U.S.S. PRINGLE, 1941-1945
by: Yolanda Janocka

This is a tribute to my husband, Joseph T. Janocka, born in Phila., Pa.

Joe enlisted in Sept. 1941 and came thru WWII with Post Traumatic Stress.

His first cousin, Matthew Dymek, was on board the U.S.S. Pringle, and on April 16, 1945 during a Kamikaze attack off the coast of Okinawa. He was blown out of the ship into the ocean and suffered back problems and Post Traumatic Stress his entire life.

If you go on YouTube, you can actually hear Cousin Matt relive this traumatic experience. Matt's family had given me cassettes of how often he had recorded the event, over and over again.

It saddens my heart for this devastating direction this country is heading with the aim of destroying family life that our men have sacrificed their lives and their family lives to preserve our land.

Yolanda R. Janocka,
widow of Joseph T. Janocka,
Born March 15, 1921-February 22,2011
Matthew Dymek,
Born July 22, 1922-March 11, 2013

Serving Was Our Privilege
by: Ken Delfino

Dear Tammy,

It is because of the love of our country that we served...

It is because of

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