Thank You and a Deep Apology to Viet Nam Vets

by joey leigh
(new jersey)

My name's Joey. I am 24 and live in New Jersey. I've been researching Vietnam and what the soldiers and Marines went through inside the war, and when they came home.

I've even been reading the novel First Blood, written by David Morrell.

Although the book is fictitious, it was inspired by the lives of Vietnam veterans and what they experienced when they came home.

So I just want to take this opportunity to say that I'm sorry for the actions of that generation that was my age then, and thank you very much for serving our country (for a lot of you, thank you is long overdue).


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Comments for Thank You and a Deep Apology to Viet Nam Vets

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Thanks, Joey
by: Joe B

Thank you Joey, from an "old" Nam vet.

It's always nice to hear from someone with their heart in the right place. Greatly appreciate your comments.

Joe B.

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