Take Care of Americans Without the Burden of Illegal Aliens

by Terri
(Urbana, Ohio, USA)

Terri writes:

American people have fought long and hard for our rights and freedom. More of our citizens go through hard times as opposed to those few who are the privileged elite. We have Americans struggling and dying every day.

Sure, the taxpaying citizens get tired of helping support others when they are trying to pay their own expense. We should help those who can't and have stricter rules on making people who can work to earn assistance. Those who can't and won't are two different things. And yes, sometimes it is necessary that we come together as a country to aid in tragedy.

What is totally unacceptable are the insane amounts of OUR money and freedoms just given to the massive number of illegal immigrants welcome to come here for a free ride! We open our country to let people come to live, but there needs to be limits!!!

What a slap in the face of working Americans and struggling Americans!! There should be NO free rides, NO free healthcare, NO being exempt from the taxes we pay and the responsibilities we Americans have in OUR country. If a good, law-abiding person wants to live here, then let them earn the freedoms we have fought for.

Give them a hand to get started, but just a hand, not an arm and leg. Let them prove they want to live here and be respectable citizens. Some of them move here, hate and resent us in OUR own country! And they take jobs from American workers. Many live a criminal life and get rewarded for it.

Another slap in the face to us as Americans is the language issue. If they want to live here, then they need to learn our language. Period. They have every right to celebrate their heritage, absolutely.

But we should not have Spanish accepted as a primary language. If we have so many Spanish speaking people that we have to choose to receive services in English or Spanish then we have a serious problem. We won't be Americans in America for much longer. We will be the minority in our own country.

May I never live to see the day when that happens. The travesty is that in part, it already has.

Thousands live here being taken care of, not earning it, and way too many not deserving it. Too many walk around in arrogance of entitlement and lack of respect for Americans.

How far will the government let this go before we are lost, before what we have fought for is lost?


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue confronting America. As you point out, many of those who are here illegally don't bother to follow the laws we already have in place.

If they won't buy auto insurance, even though it is required by law, what makes the government think they will buy health insurance
because it is required by law? They won't, and they will continue to be a burden on the backs of law-abiding citizens and immigrants alike, who follow the rules, uphold their responsibilities as citizens, and work to keep America safe and strong.

I live in Arizona, and the problem of illegal immigrants is a large one here, as it is in California. We find that if Mexicans who are here illegally are involved in an auto accident, they rarely have any insurance at all, and our legal residents are left to look to their own insurance to make them whole again. That's assuming they CAN be made whole again, and that their lives are not permanently altered because of their injuries.

Why would health care be any different? Can our inept politicians and government bureaucrats actually believe that people who won't buy government-mandated auto insurance will, for some unknown reason, buy government-mandated health insurance? Duh - if they were interested in following our laws, they wouldn't be here illegally in the first place, now would they?!

We agree with you that offering a "free ride" to people who are here illegally is an unfair burden to the millions of struggling American taxpayers who work hard to earn the government "benefits" they receive.

Social Security is already on the way to bankruptcy. That can't get any better as long as people who never paid into the program are allowed to collect benefits from it. That's a matter of simple math. When the number you subtract is larger than the number you added, you end up with a negative sum.

We also agree that those who are ABLE to work should be required to work in order to qualify for their benefits. Welfare should be reserved for those who are unable to help themselves. The rest should be enrolled in work-fare. If they are able to work, and choose not to, the rest of us should not have to support them.

Responsible members of any society understand they must work to earn their place in that society and benefits derived therefrom. How do we make the irresponsible ones understand it is not our duty to hand them, on a silver platter, benefits they were unwilling to work for?

What about you? What do YOU think of the burden illegal immigrants pose to America?

Would you deport them all, with the idea that paying for their ticket home is cheaper than supporting them for the rest of their lives?

What's your proposal to solve this problem?

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Its a nice and useful site
by: Jessica Smith

I love Military and the volunteer work by the USA Military. Thanks for sharing this useful info with us!

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