Stop Nancy Pelosi in her tracks!

by Merilou
(Phoenix AZ)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's behavior is totally out of line, unconstitutional, illegal and rude, and she must be censured for it and prohibited from further eroding this country by her domineering antics.

Let such men of stature as Arizona's strong, intelligent delegation, and others, stand up and be counted rather than take this sitting down!

It is absurd and meaningless to vote on legislation that has not been thoroughly dissected and debated! It is obvious to everyone else that it is wrong for her to censor the Congress people.

I resent her taking away the right of my representatives in D.C. to have a voice in every law that is being considered.

Ed. note: Merilou, we couldn't agree with you more. If our representatives are not being allowed to discuss and debate the issues, and the laws that are being passed are being paid for with our tax dollars, then we're right back to one of the early issues that shaped this nation -- No taxation without representation!

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