Special Prayers For U.S. Troops

by Jackson

Jackson writes:

It is with great honesty, pride and dignity that I send my special prayers for U.S. troops around the world.

I am a member of the United States Air Force. I haven't yet experienced what you have, but one day I will be deployed.

I thank you for everything you do for this great country. I don't have names, so I pray for all our troops all over the world every night.

God Bless You, and one day may this horrific violence end.

With Deep Respect and Gratitude,
Airman Jackson

Airman Jackson, thank you for your service, and for your expression of gratitude to your fellow service members.

We agree that every American owes a debt of gratitude to our military members and their families, who make daily sacrifices so that we may continue to live our lives the way we always have -- in freedom.

We hope our readers will join you in expressing their thanks by clicking on the link below and posting their own message of thanks.

May God bless you all and bring you home safely to your families.

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