Soldier at War - Disappointed with Government Shutdown

by V

I am currently deployed, and just looked at my LES, and I can not believe that my pay is cut in half!

Out of all people, the military should be at the TOP of the list of exemptions.

My husband and I are both Soldiers, and have multiple deployments. Here we are getting shot at everyday, and chemical threats, but we receive half of our pay.

I have Soldiers that are lower ranking than me with 5 or more kids and this pay cut will add stress to what we are already facing everyday.

I am extremely disappointed.

Now I am trying to figure out a way to leave this war zone besides in a body bag. I will not be here for half of my pay!!

V, we truly appreciate your service, and that of your husband. Our country is asking too much of our military families today to delay their paychecks even one day. In my opinion, you're not being adequately compensated for your dedication to duty, and to delay your pay in addition is simply unthinkable.

We need politicians with the guts to pass a bill that says in the event of a government shutdown, they are the first ones whose pay will be delayed since they're not doing their jobs. Wonder how long it would take them to solve the problem then?

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