Saddened by Val Kilmer's Comments

by Donotcallmedb
(WA desert)

Though I don't care for 'war' movies and could never sit thru "Top Gun", I have enjoyed Val Kilmer in several of his other films, Thunderheart and Heat coming to mind. I thought him to be a more than competent actor - though actors in general don't inspire much admiration from me.

Now, after reading the account of his Esquire interview issues, and understanding how and why he would want to lie about them - I feel such a sadness, that one so talented and perhaps even gifted enough to help a community - a COUNTRY - in need of HONESTY, is no different than all the rest of the Washington DC liars... It's what they do best... It's about all they do... Besides tear the country down, steal our future, kill our children and then fly to their favorite vacation spot to live it up with the rest of their elite friends.

Mr. Kilmer should be ashamed, as they all should... Won't send their own children to be sacrificed for their greed.

Do you wonder that he would choose politics??? After all - he IS an ACTOR.

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