by Shelli Carlisle
(So. California)

You are talking about an interview where the conversation was about method acting. I read the whole interview and didn't see anything that even resembles critisim of Vietman Vets. I was around during those years and I had many friends and relatives who went to Vietnam. Most were drafted and the poor and or minority kids that were sent to the front lines. They were young high school kids. They were the ones that came home damaged and broken or in a body bag.

It's funny that that interview was written several years ago and there was no problems that arose from Kilmer's statements then. It seems to me that the press is out to discredit who ever the lastest flavor of the month is.

You want to write about something ridiculous. I just filed my income tax today and I am getting an IOU from the State of California that may or may not be paid sometime this summer.

California schools are closing 1 week early and teacher's pay will be docked for that week.

Fifty children in a classroom in CA schools may soon become reality. Our governor has hit us with a twenty percent cut in funding for schools. And I just finished a required course of PROACT assault training to deal with out of control kids in elementary school.

And you can quote me on that.

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Feb 09, 2009
Need to check YOUR facts, please.
by: Pat Alexander

You are spreading the MYTH that poor and black soldiers were the first and primary front-line troops. The facts do not support that. Also those wounded and killed were not predominately minorities. Do some research and you will find that all socio-economic and racial groups were represented in all facets of the war in roughly the same percentages as they were in American society as a whole.

Please do not continue to spread the urban myths. That is exactly what we are all so upset by with the remarks attributed to Mr. Kilmer.

We are now awaiting the proof from the author to finally put this issue to rest. He's got tape? I want to hear it. If not, HE owes Mr. Kilmer and the rest of us a big apology for perpetuating the stereotypes.

Feb 09, 2009
Pat Check your facts
by: Maria

While this is off the original topic, but since you brought it up Pat. I did some online research.

The Palm Center in their report on the service of ethnic minorities in the US Armed Services. Had the following to say:

During the Vietnam war, 23% of combat soldiers were African American, more than twice their representative numbers in the general population, and minority men in general were more likely to enter the military, see duty in Vietnam and directly participate in combat than their white counterparts.

So maybe before you tell Shelli to do her research, you should do the same. She was not spreading an urban myth.

Feb 09, 2009
by: Cathy McNeill

I too read the article and Mr. Kilmer is being quoted by the interviewer on his comments about Vietnam Vets. Most of the bloggers on this site over the past few days have been very upset by the comments.

Mr. Kilmer says he never said that or would ever say anything against veterans.

Until the editor of this page hears back from Mr. Klosterman on the validity of that comment, most of us are reserving judgment. Most interviewers do tape record so there aren't any questions later about something said or not said or taken out of context.

And really, we all have financial problems. We didn't need to hear about yours...that's not the subject matter being covered on this site.

Feb 09, 2009
Maria. I did check the facts
by: Pat Alexander

Take a look at

Facts from the above noted website are compiled from the Pentagon Library, not some organization that might have a political axe to grind.

Just a few examples, as this is not the point of this story or the kinds of comments expected:


All but black and white are below 1%
Blacks - 12.4% and
Whites were 85.6%

That translates into:
Blacks killed = 7,241 and
Whites killed = 49,802.

Now tell me if the population of the U.S. at the time reflected the same proportions?

Please !

Feb 10, 2009
Re: Cathy
by: Shelli Carlisle

My financial issues and Val Kilmer's interview hold the same relevence where this site is concerned. A big fat zero.

Ed. note: As the editor and publisher of this site, I'd like to point out that you're wrong on both counts.

This site has two purposes:

1) To provide information and education to help people (and especially military families) solve their financial problems (that takes care of your financial issue, even if you're non-military); and

2) To publicize (and comment if desired) on other items of interest to military families. The perpetuation of the false stereotypes about our Vietnam vets is, as you can see, of great interest to our readers.

Thanks for participating in our conversation.

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