Public Announcements for Saluting the Flag

by Ken
(Valrico, FL USA)

The law allowing veterans to salute the flag was passed in 2008 and is still not widely known or acted upon.

At public events, I would like to hear an announcement such as, "Will you all please stand for our National Anthem (Pledge of Allegiance, etc.). Under new guidelines, all veterans present may render the hand salute if they so choose."

Not only would it get the word out but it would also allow others to recognize veterans in the audience.

Ken, thank you for offering that suggestion. I agree that would be a great idea, and I'd like the rest of that announcement to say something like,

"Folks, the men and women you see around you saluting our flag have served in our armed forces and helped to ensure the freedom we enjoy today. After the Anthem (Pledge, etc.), please take a moment to thank those near you. Just your acknolwedgment of their service means so much to our veterans, and we'd like to publicly thank them all."

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Veterans Saluting the Flag
by: Mike

Being a Navy Veteran, (1967-1971), when indoors I stand at attention with my hand over my heart to Salute Our Flag.

Outdoors, I bring with me a Military Fatigue Cap to render my Hand Salute. When asked, wearing the cap makes it easier to explain.

The President of the Unites States Saluting? No way. Unless he is a Veteran and covered.

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