Pride You'll Never Understand, Val Kilmer

by Jack
(Hot Springs, Ark.)

Val Kilmer sounds a lot like a man I knew that had himself "stationed" in Canada during the Vietnam era, while my father and I were in a war zone together. We walked shoulder-to-shoulder down the streets of Saigon and Cu Chi.

My father and I are both high school grads, myself a college grad, and we both had our own businesses (sound like losers to you?). My dad gave 23 years of his life in service to his country in the Army, and I gave 6 years to the Navy.

All of those experiences and feelings I've had in my life I wouldn't trade for 10 times Val Kilmer's money.

I used to like his movies but now I find him one of the most dishonorable and distasteful people on God's earth.

If his shame ever catches up to him, I hope it will not be an ephemeral feeling.

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