Pretty Boy Val

by Mario
(Lexington, KY)

This pretty boy living in the fantasyland of Hellyweird, val kilmer, is typical of the Hellyweird crowd who think that we "common folk" need to hear their opinions as if their opinions mean something grand because, well, er, uh, they are overpaid for acting about life while screwing up most of theirs. What a piece of donkey dung.

Always looking for creative targets for the gun range, I will enjoy taking my copy of top gun out on the range for total and final destruction, that being the only movie I have in my home with any connection to this second rate actor punk.

This pretty boy's comments are so far from reality that I really don't have to say much more about it. What a loser.

We must band together to make sure that this piece of human trash never succeeds at attaining any public office. Kilmer needs to read B. G. Burkett's "Stolen Valor" to get his stats straight before openinig up his stupid mouth again.

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