Being a Korean War Veteran and a Vietnam Veteran, I think that you had better stop, pull your ears our of your behind, wake up and discover the world again, and especially the United States.

I have to agree with many or most all of the comments about anyone that degrades the Vietnam Vets the way that you have degraded them.

I have spent 23 year Active Duty, and flying B-29 over North Korea before being grounded for medical purposes from an accident, then to Vietnam, plus Cold War Activities in Lebanon, Quumoy, Matsu Islands and the Congo Airlift, plus another 10 years in the Air Force Reserve and working with some Vietnam Vets in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and then moving to Northwest Florida and still working with them around here. There are thousands here, and working with some in the offices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post for five (5) years as Quartermaster.

You should reverse your decision or comments and give a National Apology to all Vietnam Vets or ALL Veterans over your remarks that are totally incorrect.

This might make a little difference, but once you degrade a Vietnam Vet, you are black-balled forever, and you deserve it.

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