Perspective on Val Kilmer's Vietnam Vet Comments

by C

After reading your articles and updates about Val Kilmer's insults to Viet Nam veterans, I would like to add some perspective:

I know a number of vets that served in Vietnam/Cambodia, and what I have found is it's a coin toss on Val's statement.

I know vets that served multiple terms, worked hard when they got out, and became successful.

I also know a number of vets that not only admit to using the VA, but they act in the manner feared by many just so they can get their bennies.

Perhaps it's nothing to you when a man claiming to be a 'Nam vet beats the crap out of you because he doesn't "approve" of your physical disability (yes, he said that clearly).

I guess it's an everyday occurrence for you when a 'Nam vet goes ballistic on you because he served *and he doesn't approve of YOUR 214* (which shouldn't matter as he has never seen it, and yes I have a 214), to end up screaming at you because Vietnam was hell for them, and they tell you that.

I have met vets that push hard to show they can't take care of themselves, to show they need financial support, claiming to have service-related injuries, and instead of working on getting them fixed, making them worse so they can get more bennies.

The difference is the vets that became successful worked hard to get there. It wasn't handed to them.

Would they have become successful if they didn't
serve in 'Nam? Actually, I think that is something to consider.

Vietnam was a huge turning point. Did you see the same civil protests during Korea? No. Was Hollywood as vocal about Korea? No. But in 'Nam they were.

'Nam was what made men men and showed they were made of. They went to hell and came back. Sadly, some of those that came back only did so physically. Some of them need to realize that the best way to get past the pain is to ask the VA for help. I know two 'Nam vets that refuse to ask the VA for anything.

I think that Val may have been reflecting on the not-so-successful 'Nam vets as those I described. He may have been reflecting on the worst of the worst.

Or perhaps he's just some jerk that can't get his head out of his arse. Who knows.

I think that he's a good actor, but now, reflecting on what I have seen about this subject, I'm not so sure I can see any more of his movies.

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