Our Soldiers are Not Forgotten This Holiday Season

by Barb. C.
(Coatesville, PA)

Barb writes:

You are not forgotten during this holiday season or the whole year.

Your sacrifices are appreciated more than you can imagine.

The following is a poem I created for our troops:

Our Soldiers are not Forgotten This Holiday Season

For you are not forgotten, you are not alone.
You are missed by the people you keep safe at home,
And we remember you as the Christmas bells ring,
As you're watched by the Christ Child whose carols we sing.

For no matter how far from your home you may be,
There once was a Christ Child born for you and for me.
So hark to the carols as their music draws nigh,
and look to the stars in the sky.

Remember the star which on Bethlehem shone,
The star that still guides those who yearn to be Home.
So as Christmas Day dawns over here, over there --
Merry Christmas to you, with our love, thanks, and prayers.

Happy Holidays to all our Troops.
Thank you for your Service.

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