Our President and Government Have Failed Everyone

by Susann
(Little Rock, AR, USA)

Susann writes:

The President, Representatives, and Democrats have failed in their duties to our nation.

They have had a year to decide on the budget and now we are down to a midnight decision that will weigh heavy on every American citizen, especially our military.

If a government shutdown is what they want to give to this American nation, their paychecks should also be taken away. That in itself, for just one day, would cut the budget tremendously.

They are no better than the next man or woman and why should their pay be so astronomical?

Military families, talk to your spouse and work out a plan to follow in order to get thru this crisis. No going out to eat, movies, extras, stick to be essential items. Pray to our Father, he will watch out for each of us and provide for us.

We all can only hope that "they" get it together and act like adults rather than arguing siblings, forcing a government shutdown. We need this now, not in 5 days, 21 days, or whenever they deem their actions are necessary to save our government.

It is time the American people and veterans take back this country and get the government under control.

God Bless Us All!

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