Other Vietnam Veterans -- Actors, Even

by George Worthington
(Chula Vista, CA)

Tom Selleck, actor, Vietnam Vet, has just volunteered to be the National Spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund future Education Center next to The Wall.

Maybe Tom should take on the "Iceman."

George Worthington
Member Vietnam Veterans Eduction Center Board of Advisors

Ed. note: Thank you, Admiral, for your service, and for taking the time to join our discussion. That's wonderful news.

Tom Selleck, a Vietnam-era veteran who served in the California National Guard from 1968 to 1973, and was activated during the famous Watts riots, will be an outstanding spokesman for the group. Education about the Vietnam era is obviously sorely needed.

Vietnam veterans myths corrected

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Jun 16, 2010
Need fundraiser help for Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Angel Fire New Mexico
by: Barbara

I am sponsoring a haircut fundraiser in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in October 2010.

This fundraiser will benefit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation located in Angel Fire, New Mexico. This Memorial was the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial in our Nation.

I am looking for help with silent auction items, monetary donations, celebrity items, or celebrity presence.

Any help would be appreciated.


Barbara, perhaps you could give us a better idea how "this fundraiser will benefit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation." What will the proceeds be used for? Is there maintenance work that needs to be done on the memorial? Or is some new feature being added? Or is it to help with operating expenses for the visitor center?

Also, those who wish to help need some way to get in touch with you. Maybe you could come back and leave a website url, an e-mail address or phone number for people to get more information.

This would also be an excellent opportunity for you to contact Val Kilmer and offer him the opportunity to make a public apology to Vietnam veterans for his comments to Esquire, and to put his money (and/or time) where his mouth is, to help with fundraising for this memorial in a state park in the state where he wants to be governor. It would be a great PR opportunity for him to try to repair his image with Vietnam vets, and would help a park in his state, too!

To get in touch with him, find his "official" web site, and send your request using their contact form (it will go to an "assistant"), or maybe post your invitation on his Facebook fan page?

I would try that with all the celebrities you know of with homes in New Mexico, like, for instance, Julia Roberts. You might get some big name help if you just ask.

Also, please save the hair from your haircut fundraiser and send it to help with the Gulf oil cleanup effort. Hair attracts and absorbs oil and can be used to create mats and hair booms to absorb oil. Please view this web site - http://www.matteroftrust.org/programs/hairmatsinfo.html - and ask your salon to participate, because human hair is great at absorbing oil.

This way, your haircut fundraiser can help TWO great causes!

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