Obama Prove Your Citizenship

by tammydonnan
(south carolina)



Tammy writes:

I strongly agree with this Soldier.

I have two sons in the milletary and am very scared of what's going on with the world.

I think he should show where he was born - if he is a United States citizen then prove it - what is he scared of?

He sure don't like white people. Neither does any of his cabinet. A Mexican U.S. Supreme Court Justice? She also hates whites.

Also no smoking in the millatery - what's that? They can die for this country but can't smoke or drink. Hey Oliver Stone says smoke a joint heightens your perception and they might need it to calm them down. I say go for it, buddy.

Obama should have to prove he's a U.S. citizen -- What's he scared of?

Concerned Mother of two Soldiers in South Carolina

Ed. note: Ummm, Tammy, just so we're clear -- the proposed ban on smoking in the military would be a ban on regular tobacco. Smoking (or even possessing) marijuana is already illegal, and has been for a very long time. The Defense Department estimates it spends a BILLION dollars a year due to tobacco-related health problems, but Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said he will not ban tobacco in combat zones.

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Smoking, etc
by: VN River Rat

VN River Rat writes:

Tammy - first off Please THANK YOUR SONS for picking up the Torch of Freedom that some of us can no longer physically carry. That's not to say that we don't have the matches and oil to help keep it lit.

With regards to smoking, though I quit 20 pounds ago, when I took a round through my legs, the one thing that put me in a relaxed state was the Marlboro that a buddy lit and gave me. After every firefight...when we had finally cleared kill zones and all action was over, first thing we all had was a cigarette--even if we didn't have our own brand!

I never smoked marijuana so I could not attest to the 'heightened perception'.

Fortunately, the attempted ban on smoking in the military was tossed out. One would think that the idiot who came up with the idea in the first place would be better suited to use his/her time to help resolve MAJOR PROBLEMS in our country!

With respect,
United States Navy (RET)
River Patrol Force, RVN

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