Obama is Smoke and Mirrors

by Anonymous

Obama is an illusion.

No birth certificate.

Very little training and experience.

Questionable associations with radical elements.

Is he Muslim or Christian?

Does he love his country? And if so, why apologize for and condemn the USA?

Is he black or white? And does he have an ax to grind with the white people?

Why "voluntarily relinquish" his law license after only 14 years from graduating?

Is he really a lawyer?

Where are his college records and thesis?

Nobody remembers him going to law school.

Is he pro-market forces or is he a communist?

Is he pro a representative democracy or believes to dictate and ram laws down our throats?

How can he be a good commander in chief who gives Miranda rights to our enemies in the battle field? Soldiers are dying because of his orders. It is criminal!

Soldiers should question this man's capacity and his allegiance to our nation.

Uphold the Constitution!

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Has obama ever been to court as a lawyer?

What kind of lawyer was he?

How many professors remember him?

Did he get good grades or just passing?

Christian, from a hate-whites church? Or most likely a Muslim?

He forces change that cost trillions over the objection of 2/3 of Americans, gets this country deeper in debt so new world order will sound good to them.

Congress got their cost of living increase, but the American people who it serves (including military retirees and those receiving social security) got zero.

Goverment cannot get anything done, has about 3000 more bills to pass.

Does this sound like a government for the people?

Sounds like a giant step for the "new world order," which really means "no way out".

Please, people, don't believe a word of what they tell you.

They will lie, lie and more lies to make you believe it's the best thing that could happen.

They will tell you it will save the American dollar, help keep the dollar strong, save your homes, any thing that will scare you into believing them.

How to protect our homeland?

They will want us to have an I.D. injected under our skin. This will be the only way to buy gas, food, water, anything (there must be a 666 somewhere on the id).

This is the first step for the return of Satan & the New World Order so he can run the world his

God bless all Christians. We must stand together.

Preston W. Athey
U.S. Navy vet

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