Mr. Kilmer, You are Indeed a Liar

by Rich
(Purcellville VA)

Not only are you a liar, you are an uninformed liar. And you are not really a good actor either.

Acting out scenes of life, especially real life, whether it is about the OK Corral or a War scene, is not the same as real life, and studying a script and rehearsing the gun battles is not like the real thing. Frankly I doubt if you would have what it takes to be a real soldier, sailor, Marine, or Airman, period. You are not even that good an actor.

So stop bragging and forget public office. And keep your political ambitions to yourself.

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by: Mark, TX

So this publication condones slander, hmmm, do i hear law suit?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for joining the conversation.

This publication absolutely does not condone slander, or libel either. We suggest you do some homework and look up something about those concepts.

There are no grounds for lawsuits here.

Please come back if you have something constructive to add to the conversation.

by: Vietnam Vet in Communist Massachusetts

Rich -- thanks for taking the time to defend our outstanding military personnel...

Mark -- so if you disagree with something, it is automatically slanderous? With that attitude you fit right in the Democrat party.

If you disagree with them, you must now be badgered, threatened and intimidated -- so much for debate and discussion.

What exactly did you find slanderous in Rich's comments -- or would you prefer to simply "lob grenades"???

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