Mr. Kilmer, Who's Lying Now?

by Cathy McNeill
(Chesterland, OH)

I really tried to withhold further judgment against Val Kilmer regarding his remarks until there was confirmation from Esquire on the validity of those remarks.

Now we know he's a liar and as far as I'm concerned, as much of a traitor as Hanoi Jane.

I never really cared for him as an actor because of his arrogance, but what disappoints me more is the kind of human being he is, and yet he wants to run for Governor of the State of New Mexico.

Not every politician has served in the military, but the vast majority of them at least had respect for the men and women who served our country and if they didn't, they at least kept quiet about it. I hope New Mexico is smarter than that!

Kilmer, I think you just shot yourself in the foot and I hope it hurts! Let's see if your 'method acting' takes away the pain.

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Val Kilmer - Proven Liar
by: Preston W. Athey

In another comment I stated that if Val Kilmer was telling the truth, he would be suing the pants off Esquire, but the coin has flipped. The noose has tightened, and Val's pants are slipping.

New Mexico it's your turn, we have already put people in office who lie and just love the glory of governorship. I know he's a good movie star, let him stay there and lie in the movies. What state would let a known liar run it?

Try to find a young business man with a college degree, who is truthful and wants to fight for your rights. Not a movie star who wants to show off and go to big parties as governor of your state.

This is the time for the Viet Nam vets to stand-up and be counted. We have to learn sometime to show our voice.

Attention, right face, do it now.

God bless America
Preston W Athey
US Navy Viet Nam vet

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