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Please share information about additional merchants you know of who offer military discounts, and post the amount of the discount if possible.

Before you post, please verify the accuracy of the information. In other words, don't just post something you receive by e-mail without checking to make sure it's true. Unfortunately, we don't have a research staff to verify your submissions.

We want to keep this list as accurate as possible, and your efforts will help.


When you take advantage of one of these military discounts, please be sure to thank the merchant for his/her support of our military families.

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Foot Locker & Lady Foot Locker
by: Anonymous

offer discounts of 10 - 20%

Miller Well Drilling
by: Anonymous

located in Hayesville, NC, offers a military discount of 50% or more. Find them at

Sea World
by: Anonymous

Sea World has free entry for military and up to 3 direct dependents.

Ed.: I believe this is also true for Sea World San Diego

Family Photos
by: Anonymous

JC Penney's Photo studio offers military discounts.

Sheraton Hotels
by: Anonymous

I do not know if all Sheraton Hotels offer a military discount, but the two I have stayed in do, Austin, TX and Birmingham, AL.

We found this note on the Starwood Hotels web site:

"We understand the needs of the individual government and military traveler. We know you are looking for government rates, city information, restaurant options and most importantly, a great hotel. We are here to provide all of the above, plus a per diem rate + complimentary breakfast when you book by December 31, 2009!"

As a general rule, hotels that offer military discounts do so only until the number of rooms set aside for military discounts has been reserved, or until the hotel reaches a certain percentage of occupancy.

It is a good idea to ask if they offer a military discount, but don't forget to ask if there's another rate that's lower. Sometimes there is.

Michael's Does NOT Offer a Military Discount
by: Sarah

I work at Michael's and the store does not offer a military discount. You can contact corporate at 1-800-Michaels.

Unless your list is made up, I don't know where you got your information.


No, our list is not "made up." It comes from a combination of sources, including information submitted by readers like you.

Unfortunately, we don't have a research staff to verify every one. So if someone tells us they've gotten a military discount at X store, it goes on the list.

Perhaps you could suggest to corporate that offering a military discount would be a great way to build good will with and say thank you to thousands of military wives who shop at Michael's.

Thanks for letting us know this is inaccurate. We'll stop giving Michael's undeserved free advertising.

- - - - - - - -


Maybe we should all call Michael's (1-800-MICHAELS) to ask if they would offer a military discount.

If not, perhaps we should shop elsewhere, like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn.


I recently had a very annoying experience in my local Michael's. I had a coupon for 50% off one regular-priced item.

Michael's computer systems used to be set to automatically apply the coupon to the most expensive regular-price item. That was the case in March 2010.

This shopping trip was in April 2010, and I went to Michael's ONLY because I had a 50% off coupon. Because it was closing time, and there was a rush at the register, I didn't notice until I got home and looked at the receipt that instead of taking the deduction from the highest-priced item (which was only $5.98), the deduction had been taken on an item that was $1.79. So on an order that totaled a little over $100 (I had LOTS of low-priced items), they gave me a whopping 90-cent discount.

Applying the 50%-off coupon to my most expensive item ($5.98) would have resulted in a discount of only $2.99! So by being really cheap and "cheating" me out of the additional $2.09 discount, Michael's just lost a good customer. I don't think it would bankrupt the chain to have given me the additional $2 discount! I have collected enough scrapbooking materials to open my own store, and most of them were bought at Michael's.

A Hobby Lobby just opened near my house, and the week before this unpleasant experience at Michael's, Hobby Lobby had MOST of its scrapbooking supplies at 40% off, no coupon required. Another week, Hobby Lobby had all its Cricut products at 30% off.

So my recommendation is that if there is a Hobby Lobby store near you, watch their local ads (you can sign up at to receive them via e-mail), and time your purchases to take advantage of their sales. You can save a bundle.

Michael's discount on one regular-priced item, and only if you have the coupon, just isn't worth the hassle any more.

I'm now a happy Hobby Lobby shopper.


Footlocker, Lady Footlocker
by: Anonymous

Just found out that they will only give discount to Active Duty Military! What's up with that? It is the Retired folks who have served their time and paid their dues!!!

Chipotle =(
by: Anonymous

Chipotle here in Fredericksburg, VA, does not offer a military discount. They say that it is at the managers discretion to offer, and the managers here do not. =( Hopefully yours does.

I was very sad because my hubs and I love to go here for a quick lunch =)

Home Improvements
by: Anonymous

Lowe's and Home Depot in the Pittsburgh area both offer 10% military discount but it is NOT advertised and you must ask for it and show your ID card. We just used both in Feb. 2010.

Both Lowe's and Home Depot stores now offer the military discount year-round.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery
by: Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery offers discounts to all current and retired military and their families. This cosmetic and plastic surgery practice offers face and body surgeries as well as noninvasive procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. The discount offered is 15% off of all procedures. Call 310-550-6300 or email to schedule a consultation or for more info.

This is a good time to remind our readers that listings here do not constitute endorsements by

Before availing yourself of any services offered here, be sure to do your research, particularly with regard to any medical procedure. Check into the background and experience of the doctor and the clinic or surgical facility in question. If you decide on a plastic surgery procedure, make sure that the doctor is properly trained (board certified is best) and has sufficient experience, having done a large number (say, 300 or more) of the procedures you're interested in. There have been recent reports in the media about unqualified doctors performing plastic surgery procedures (which are generally very lucrative) after minimal training, sometimes with disastrous results. is not responsible for your use or misuse of any information found here.

Maurice's Discount
by: Anonymous

Maurice's offers a 10% military discount.

Anime, SciFi, and fandom
by: meauho

Those Anime People ( gives military discounts.

We are mostly at Anime and SciFi conventions so our inventory is constantly changing. As a result, most of our stuff isn't on our site. However, we welcome emails and have a contact form on our website if you are looking for something not listed.

Side note:
Owners engaged
Him (me): 6 years active Army, 31S1C (25S now)
Her: Army Reserves, 38B

Congratulations on your engagement, and thank you to both of your for your service. We wish you every happiness.

Apres Salon - Jacksonville FL
by: Anonymous

Offers a 15% Military Discount on all services.

Would the person who contributed this please let us know what type of salon this is -- hair? nails? both? Thanks.

Napa Auto Parts
by: Anonymous

Napa Auto Parts in Rancho Cordova,Ca offers an impressive military discount.

I bought a set of wipers for $7.90 with the military discount and they were being sold at $14.90.

Lucky Jeans
by: Anonymous

Lucky Brand Jeans/Stores offers 20% military discount I believe...


Hawaiian Airlines offers military discounts. I went to Hawaii from San Francisco last New Years for just $550 roundtrip when their lowest published rate was about $1000. Do check though coz sometimes their internet discounted (if u book really early) fare is lower.

Birthday, Wedding & Baby Gifts
by: Anonymous

The following Gift Website offers 15% discount for all Military -

Enter the word "military" in the coupon/promotional box and it is automatically deducted.

They really have neat and unique stuff. I have used them and the code works!

JCPenney does not offer military discounts - Why ?!!
by: Anonymous

I went shopping at JCPenney and spent about $200. They did not have military discounts.

JCPenney is an old American company. I found that disrespectful.

PEP BOYS Automotive
by: Anonymous

PEP BOYS now offers a 10% discount to military families - just show your military active duty, dependent or retiree ID card.

This discount is taken in addition to the new "PEP BOYS Rewards Club" they have recently started.

Dick's Sporting Goods
by: Rick Moore

I e-mailed Dicks regarding their name on this list of stores offering military discounts and they responded that they DO NOT offer this, they do however offer a Team Packet. What it is and what it consists of I don't know but they said to ask for it at the store, which I intend to do soon as I get a chance to go by there.


Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Would you please copy and paste the e-mail you received into our contact form, so we can contact the person who responded to you. We'll ask them about the Team Packet you mentioned. Until we clarify that, we'll leave them on the list for now.

Watch for an update here.

Thanks to milspouse (retired) Jodi, who e-mailed us this information:

Dick's Sporting Goods Team Packet is not anything to do with military.

Coaches of sports teams can sign up their team(s) or organization(s) & in return they get a packet of coupons specific to the related sport.

It's typically around 6 to 8 coupons, some %, others specific amounts off of certain purchases (ie, cleats or apparel.)

UnderArmour & other high-demand items are often specifically excluded items.

Ed wrote:

Dicks Sporting good does not offer a military discount. Went to the store yesterday and they said no discount. E-mailed Dicks and they said no discount.

Thanks, Ed. We appreciate our readers helping us keep this list current. As a result of Rick's, Jodi's, and your efforts, we are removing Dick's from the list

Auto Repair
by: Anonymous

East Coast Truck and Auto, Inc. offers 10% off labor on auto repair, body repair, painting, stereo installation, etc.

850 W 40th St, Norfolk, VA

T-mobile and Verizon
by: Angela

I am pretty sure every phone company offers a military discount. But I used to work for T-mobile and it is a waived activation fee and 15% off of your monthly bill. You just need to call them if you don't already have service and they can get you set up. If you already have service, you still need to call to get the website (it is slipping my mind ATM).

Verizon also offers 10% off of your bill. They just had to get an e-mail address that was with the army and then we registered through that e-mail and get 10% off every month.

A few to add
by: Anonymous

I live in Oceanside, CA so I don't know if this information will apply to other areas.

Walgreens offers 10% on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Boney's (grocery/produce) store offers discount every Thurs.

Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe clothing stores offer 10% off all regular priced items.


McLoone's Pier House, National Harbor
by: Anonymous

McLoone's Pier House just opened in National Harbor overlooking the Potomac. They offer a 15% military discount to all active duty & former military personnel.
by: Anonymous

They sell "bacon salt" and other bacon-related products and offer 50% off any items shipped to a military address. 50%!

I just ordered over $50 worth of products sent to my husband overseas for around $26. You have to enter a code, they list it on their site. And it has to be a military address, but how great for people wanting to send gifts to our troops overseas.

by: Alex

As far as I've known k-mart will give 20% with military id. do not need to be the sponsor or active duty.

Tokens Family Fun Center
by: Army Wife -

Tokens Family Fun Center
West Des Moines, IA

A full-service pizza restaurant and family entertainment center offers a 20% discount on food and fun...military ID required.

another company with a military discount
by: David

I have a client who offers military discounts. would you be interested in listing them?

Sure, Dave, just submit another comment with that information. Thanks.

IHOP & BJ's Brewery
by: Anonymous

Our local Temecula IHOP offers a military discount which is at the manager's discretion. I used to show up in military uniform & was given a 50% discount. With the new manager it is now 15%.

BJ's Brewery offers a 15% discount.

Walgreens Tuesday Discounts in Florida
by: Anonymous

I was surprised to learn that many of our active and retired military do not know that Walgreens offers a 15% discount on all items except tobacco, alcohol, dairy and prescriptions (but we do accept Tricare) on every Tuesday.

We are in the North Tampa area, Hernando County, and love to offer this service to our men and women who sacrifice through service to the American people.

It always makes me happy to let someone know this. We used to have signage on our doors that let people know, but sometimes that is swooped by.

Please visit us on Tuesdays, in uniform or by identification and we will be pleased to give this discount

Express offers a Military Discount
by: Anonymous

Express, the clothing store offers a 10% discount with military I.D.

My husband and I didn't know this but when he was taking out his credit card the sales associate saw his military I.D. and told him that Express offers a discount to the military. We shop here all the time, it was very nice for the clerk to tell us!

Michael's discounts
by: Anonymous

I believe the discounts for Michael's varies store to store...the one in Jacksonville, NC DOES offer a 10% military discount on Wed. and they WILL combine that with a coupon!!!

Thanks! That's a very smart store manager.

Old Navy offers a Discount
by: Anonymous

Old Navy stores give 10% off on the 1st of each month to military. Sometimes the sale extends beyond the 1st for a few days. The last few years, they have also done a "Drop and We'll Give You 30" promotion the 1st through the 4th of September and give 30% off for military then.

Stride Rite Outlet at Arundel Mills
by: Anonymous

Stride Rite/Keds Outlet at Arundel Mills is giving 10% off every day to military. It is not valid, however, in conjunction with their buy one get one 50% off special when they run that.

Torchie's Tacos, North Dallas
by: Anonymous

Torchie's Tacos (North Dallas location) offers a 50% discount if you show up in uniform.

Auto Detailing Hawaii - Shea's Luxury Detail
by: Anonymous

Shea's Luxury Detail, an auto & motorcycle detailing shop in Hawaii, has been voted Hawaii's best detail shop for the past 3 years! They offer a 10% military discount.

VF Outlet at Tangers, Commerece, Ga
by: Anonymous

VF gives a 10% discount everyday, just show your ID card.

by: Anonymous

If you have one near you check out Goody's, they offer a 10% Military Discount when you show your Military ID.

Mattress Discount
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am the owner of JAX Discount Mattress, at 6047 St. Augustine Road in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a 10% military discount on our already liquidated brand name mattress sets.

by: Anonymous

Aeropostle offers 10% military discount.

Hershey Park Discount
by: Anonymous

Hershey Park (Hershey, PA) offers a military discount on single day passes during the regular summer schedule.

Their website tells you to get the discounted tickets at your base before arriving at the park, but you can get them at the park by simply showing ID.

10% OFF ALL Beef Jerky Orders
by: Kenny

All of the products on are APO/FPO friendly, so rest assured that what you order will arrive. If you are military personnel or shipping to a loved one then the process to receive your 10% discount is really quite simple.

1.) Ship to a military address (state - AE, AA or AP).

2.) Type the word 'MILITARY' in the coupon code box provided during the checkout process and click 'apply'.

3.) Receive 10% off your entire purchase.

by: TED



Off Broadway shoes
by: Tara

Both Off Broadway shoes locations in Knoxville, TN offer a 15% military discount. We have taken advantage of this twice in the past month so this info is current as of Nov 2010.

by: Courtney

Get 30% off your Holiday orders at

Use code in checkout: ustroops
expires Jan 1, 2011

Only at

DSW in Colorado Springs CO
by: Anonymous

10% military discount with ID. Normally they will offer it to retirees as well.

Red Robin
by: Tom

Red Robin in Smokey Point, Washington does NOT offer a military discount.

Lowes, Home Depot, and IHOP all offer great discounts which I have personally used.

Best Buy
by: Michelle

You can get your purchase tax free if the items you purchase are regular priced, not a laptop/computer or Bose. You can even get a discount on Verizon Wireless accessories they sell through their store.

by: Mrs. Perkins

Gatlinburg, TN, is a wonderful place to go, and mostly the entire place offers wonderful Military discounts!

ALL of the Ripley's attractions offer 20% off, and the Aquarium gives 90% off! Almost every store I have been in, and any hotel or cabin we have ever stayed in gives military discounts!

by: Ft.Leonardwood Mo.

My local K-mart would not give me a military discount. They are located in Rolla Mo. about 25 min. from post.

I see everywhere that Kmart is supposed to give a military discount.

I called K-mart headquarters (which is owned by Sears) and they said they thought that K-mart and Sears both gave this discount.

I was put on hold and the store was called and then the man said No....K-MART DOES NOT HONOR THIS. He could not find anything in his computer to say it was company policy that k-mart did.

I was just stunned at how K-MART is willing to let their name be put out there to anger so many veterans and military when they say NO you can't have a discount. It should be all Kmarts or none. No select few.

I felt like they should have then and there stepped up and made their company honor military discounts!!!

I don't want to shop at K-mart anymore!!

Thank you for sharing your story. Apparently, some stores offer the discount and others don't.

It was actually K-Mart that bought Sears (and in my opinion, the quality of Sears has suffered as a result).

by: Anonymous

Sears only gives discounts on tools, what's up with that?

Also I tried to get Wal-Greens to start giving us one - they do to our local police, why not the military too.

Remember that a military discount is a benefit a merchant extends to thank military members and their families for their service. It is not a right or entitlement, and it is totally voluntary on the part of the merchant.

Rather than demanding a discount as something you feel entitled to, thank the merchants who offer them by doing your shopping with them. And be sure to thank them for the discount whenever you receive one.

by: Anonymous

Sheplers western wear gave us a military discount at their stores (summer 2010). I think it was 20% off, in store only. Great discount because I bought stuff I never thought I'd buy. :)

Outback Steakhouse, Las Cruces
by: Bonita

My husband is a retired Navy Seabee and we eat at Outback Steakhouse quite often in Las Cruces, NM, and they always give a military discount.

Walmart stores
by: Anonymous

ou would think walmart, being the biggest store in the us and world, employing the most people, making the most money from us, they would or should give a military discount. No, too cheap to help us out.

I suggest we shop other places until this company recognizes the military as countless other companys are doing that are a fraction of the size of walmart.

Before you come down too hard on Wal-Mart, do a little research. First of all, remember that Wal-Mart prices are already discounted, for everyone.

The Wal-Mart Foundation (their charitable organization) has a vigorous military support program. It supports a number of organizations providing services for military members and their families.

This past Veterans Day (2010), they "committed $10 million dollars to serve the veteran community, placing special emphasis on supporting job readiness and training. This five-year commitment will also support nonprofits that assist our veterans in their pursuit of higher education and enable our veterans to more easily reintegrate into civilian life."

In 2008, they donated $3.6 million to help veterans pursue higher education.

And this past Christmas (2010), Wal-Mart trucks and drivers helped deliver and place 60,000 memorial wreaths at Arlington and other locations in memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

My personal shopping experience is that when I compare prices, Wal-Mart almost always has the best ones. And when they don't, they offer a price match program that will match any competitor's advertised price, so you don't have to run all over town, shopping in different stores, to get the best prices.

Cabela's Sporting Goods
by: Anonymous

Offers a 5% discount on anything. They do not combine the discount with coupons, but I am very appreciative of any kind gesture. Thanks Cabela's! : Development for Life
by: Doc Harris

Offers a 10% discount to members of the Armed Forces on their Continuing Professional Development portfolio building service for healthcare personnel.


Just an opinion
by: Hope

With all due respect, to whoever posted the comment about the coupon incident ( I believe it was Sarah). I understand how annoying that may be, but it just makes YOU sound like the one who was being cheap.

Obviously you were not going to go bankrupt if you could make a purchase of $100. I do not intend to be rude, I am just being honest. I feel as though we should be thankful that places even give discounts.

I serve in the military and I don't feel as though people owe me anything. We chose to serve our country, and we don't base the decision on what everyone else is going to give us.

Also, a lot of places take the lower priced item, that's why many coupons say things like buy one get one of equal or lesser value, or perhaps the employee made a mistake. On another note I am glad you could find another store to better fit your needs. :)

Actually, Hope, the incident you are referring to was mentioned in my response to Sarah.

I think maybe you missed the point.

First, the coupon incident had nothing to do with a military discount, and I agree with your comments about military discounts. It was a coupon published in the local paper, valid for anyone.

Second, the coupon was good for 50% of ANY one regular-priced item, not the lowest-priced item.

I was complaining about what seemed to be a change in policy from one month to the next. The computers in this store had been programmed for several years to automatically give the discount on the highest-priced item.

My complaint was that suddenly it didn't, and I didn't notice it until I got home. It seems the computer had been re-programmed, or as you said, maybe it was just a mistake.

That coupon was the ONLY reason I went to Michael's that day. And I'm exactly the kind of shopper they're trying to lure in with those coupons. I didn't just buy the one discounted item; I bought $100 worth of merchandise, so it was well worth their effort to offer me a 50% discount off ONE item.

So my comment was that for cheating me out of an additional $2 discount, which surely wouldn't matter to their bottom line, they lost a good customer of many years. (I have enough scrapbook supplies to start my own store!) That's a bad business decision on their part. It costs far less to keep a current customer than it does to recruit a new customer.

Such a move is extremely short-sighted on the part of management. It cost them far more than $2!

Bob Evans discount
by: Bob

I recently visited a Bob Evans Restaurant and while paying my bill, the cashier noticed my VA Military ID. I was told that Bob Evans offers a 20% discount by showing a Military ID!

by: danielpmac

went through the drive thru and ordered. when i got to the window and asked for military discount. the lady said "we dont do that here."

Old Navy
by: Anonymous

Old Navy gives out military discounts HOWEVER they only give them the first four (4) days of each month.

Hampton Roads military discounts
by: Joe

Here are a few places to get military discounts in the Hampton Roads area:

Home Depot
Taylor's Do It Center
Skinny Dip
AJ Gators (certain nights)

Nine West, Jones of NY, Kasper
by: Anonymous

I found out last night all the stores owned by Jones offer military discount of 10%.

You have to ask for it and show your id.

The clerk said many do not know that they offer a military discount, but it is written in their handbook, so you can ask them to look it up.

Happy shopping!

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill
by: Stephanie

"An important menu feature will be the American Soldier Burger, a nod to Keith's well-known patriotism and USO trips to entertain troops in the Middle East. The burger is served free of charge to any military personnel with valid military ID."

by: Sara

Nike stores offer an additional 10% off if you show your ID.

Olympia Sports
by: Anonymous

Olympia Sports offers a 10% discount with military ID.

Whataburger Does Not Give Military Discounts
by: Tracy

You have listed Whataburger as giving military discounts on food. This is not correct.

While Whataburger supports the men and women of the military who keep our country safe, we don't offer discounts on food.

Supporting the military is very important to us and instead the company has defined it as one of Whataburger?s defined focus areas for Charitable Giving.

To name just a few examples, we support our troops continually throughout the year by hosting homecoming celebrations, partnering with sports teams to provide veterans with tickets to games, and frequently sending care packages overseas.

Big Lots
by: dragoness75

we live in hampton roads va.

the big lots here gives 10% off military each tuesday

by: Anonymous

Gives a 15% discount off your monthly bill.

Bass Pro Shops & The Buckle
by: Stefani

10% discount at Bass Pro, even in the Uncle Buck's Restaurant. Just used it this weekend.

Also got the discount at The Buckle this weekend.

by: Anonymous

clothing store. 10% military discount

by: Clarissa

Walgreens gives 15% military discount.

Champs Sports
by: Chris

Champs Sports offers 10% discount when you show your Military I.D.

by: Chris

Macy's offers a 10% discount, but it's only the first Tuesday of every month.

Outback Steakhouse, Columbus, Ohio
by: Dawn

I'm a waitress at Outback. The manager who comes around to the table to check on you during your meal is supposed to comp the meal of any service member in uniform. They can be lazy and not offer it.

As a waitress, I go to my manager and ask them to comp the uniformed person's meal. Don't be afraid to ask your server to inquire with the manager.

If you have someone who is about to be deployed or just returned from a deployment, their meal should be comped as well. Just tell your server, and get a free meal...

It's worth a shot to ask! Go enjoy!

Dick's Sporting Goods
by: Lindsey

Just this past week we bought our daughter a new bicycle at Dick's Sporting Goods in Murfreesboro, TN. My husband was in uniform.

The cashier informed us that they offer a 10% military discount. Policy may differ from store to store, so be sure to ask.

Hobby Lobby offers Discount?
by: Dawn

My brother-in-law went into the Springfield, IL Hobby Lobby on June 4 and was told, and I quote..."The company is Christian we don't believe in war". No discount offered. Can you clarify since many of you were against Michaels and pro Hobby Lobby? Have you guys actually received discounts from Hobby Lobby? I have written a letter to their company asking them. Thanks!

Pick Up Stix
by: Anonymous

Pick up Stix has a military discount.

Old navy



Enterprise Rent a Car
by: Anonymous

Enterprise Rent a Car offers a 5% Military Discount. You do have to ask for it and cannot get it if you book online.

Payless Shoes
by: Anonymous

Our local Payless shoe store had a sign in their window offering (and I received) a 10% Military discount.

Lowes Home Improvement
by: Anonymous

I recently learned that Lowes gives a 10% Military discount to active duty, retirees, vets & their families. Ask for it, because they keep it a secret.

If you have a VIC (Veteran's Identification Card) you get the discount all the time just like active duty & retirees. If not, you can show your DD 214 and receive the discount on Military holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Fourth of July & Veteran's Day).

by: Anonymous

Not every veteran gets the military discount at Lowes. Simply being a veteran doesn't count, you have to be active, retired or disabled.

Here's an e-mail from Lowes explaining their policy:

"Thank you for your email. I'm sorry that you weren't able to get the Military discount on your latest purchase.

We offer an all-day, every-day 10% Military discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate family members, with a valid, government-issued Military ID or VIC (Veterans Identification Card). We also accept DD214 documentation on military holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day weekends).

I do understand your concerns with the Military discount. I've submitted your email to the department responsible for developing store policies and operating procedures for further consideration.

If there's anything else I can help you with please reply to this email.

Thank you,

Shay L.
Lowe's Customer Care"

Sprint Wireless
by: Lyle

I stumbled onto your site and was amazed. I have been with Sprint for over 10 years, I contacted them and will receive a 15% discount.

Thanks for the info.
by: Anonymous provides a 10% discount on resume services to active duty, veterans and their families.

Request discount when ordering services.

10% off every order at
by: Lindsay

We are a military family. That means you are our family, too. We would like to say "Thank You" to our US military personnel by giving you 10% off every order.

Inquire today to receive your coupon. This deal requires valid military ID in order to redeem. Offer valid as long as you have a valid ID. :)

Kohl's has a military discount
by: Anonymous

Kohl's offers a military discount.

Save 10% on hunting and shooting gear.

Thank you for your service to our country! is offering a 10% military discount for active military and retired veterans. Are you looking for discounts on optics, holsters, ammunition, reloading equipment, gunsmithing tools, and more shooting supplies? Are you looking for discounts from DPMS, Daniel Defense, Trijicon, Eotech, Insight Technology, Aimpoint and more?

Active duty and retired military save 10% on their hunting and shooting gear purchases at

Over 233,000 Military Disocunts
by: Military Discounts Veteran Discounts,

My team and I just created the ultimate directory for military discounts . . You guys are great supporters of the military community and I hope you will link to us.

US Cellular
by: Melissa

US Cellular offers a Military Discount. .I believe it's 15%!

American Eagle & Sabarro Italian Eatery
by: Anonymous

I was offered a military discount by both of these businesses when they saw my daughter's military i.d. in my wallet.

Thanks for letting us know about these two merchants who went above and beyond by taking the initiative to inform you of the discount when they realized your were eligible, without your having to ask.

LuLu's seafood restaraunt in Orange Beach, AL
by: Anonymous

They offer 25% off for each person on the ticket with a military i.d. They also offer 25% off in their gift shop.

This discount is good for active duty, dependents, & retirees.

by: Amy

Michael's actually does offer a military discount, in some stores.

It is up to the discretion of the manager if they offer it.

We have two stores in our area, one that does and one that does not. Both near a base. Absurd!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
by: Sami

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offer a military discount of $1 off each drink.

American Eagle
by: Amy

10% discount with MIL ID offered daily to Military.

Toyotec Collision & Mechanical Repairs Houston Tx
by: Anonymous

This company offers discount on collision repairs as well as mechanical work and they also sell used cars.

GEICO won't give a military discount!
by: Vito D

Geico says they are a GOVERNMENT insurance and they DO NOT GIVE A MILITARY DISCOUNT!

I called them many times and they keep saying I am right and we will bring it up to the higher-ups but in plain English it's an out-and-out lie.

Just remember they say they r a govermment insurance and won't give a discount to the men and women that keep America safe.

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. According to their web site, "the name goes back to the beginnings of the company. Founder Leo Goodwin first targeted a customer base of U.S. government employees and military personnel. Today, of course, the company has grown to provide insurance to a wide range of customers, no matter whether they're employed by Uncle Sam or the private sector."

In our opinion, the best insurance company for military members and veterans is USAA, which has recently opened membership to anyone who has honorably served. Click on the link to learn more about the benefits of USAA membership.

Kenneth Cole (outlet) & Eddie Bauer
by: Anonymous

I found by experience that these 2 stores do offer a military discount.

Please note that Kenneth Cole was at an outlet and not their regular stores.

Also I am not too sure of their discount rate...I think KC was 10% and EB was possibly 15%, but not 100% sure. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Rachel's Bed & Breakfast at Bolch Mansion
by: Kelly McCulley

Rachel's Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis, Missouri, is an award-winning, nationally-renown facility which offers both active duty and veterans a 10% military discount for one night's stay and 25% discount for two or more nights' consecutive stay! 573-275-6000

Canada Fishing & Hunting Vacation Discounts
by: Dan

Military discounts on top Canada fishing & hunting lodge resort along with houseboat rentals.

Located on the Lake of the Woods, north western Ontario. Only 70 miles across the U.S. border at International Falls, MN.

Complete packages all inclusive fishing, along with hunting for duck, bear, whitetail deer, moose & wolf. Beautiful main lodge with several cabins along the lakeshore.

Also houseboat rentals for 3 - 7 day trips.


Discounts of 10 - 15% off, plus group discounts exclusive to military!

by: Smart shoper

Rainbow department stores offers a 10% discount in STL..

Dress Barn and Gap offered 10% discount in Lake of the Ozarks.

15% Discount on Ruidoso Cabin Rentals
by: Canyon Cabins

Canyon Cabins is proud to offer a 15% military discount.
Two or more night stays excluding major holidays and major events. Based on availability.

Must present valid active Military ID upon arrival.

Would you consider extending your military discount to those with valid retired military IDs, who devoted a minimum of 20 years of their lives to serving our country? Surely they are as worthy as those currently serving?

Ruidoso Cabin Rentals - 15% Discount
by: Judy Wilkie

Ruidoso Lodge Cabins is proud to offer a 15% military discount. Available year-round excluding holidays and black-out periods. Based on availability.

Must present valid active Military ID upon arrival.

Judy, would you consider extending your military discount to those with valid retired military IDs, who devoted a minimum of 20 years of their lives to serving our country? Surely they are as worthy as those currently serving?

Williams Sonoma Offers 10% Military Discount
by: Anonymous

Williams Sonoma offers a 10% discount with a military ID.

Ask for it at checkout and they will take it off at the end. (I work there so I know for sure it is company wide policy!)

15% off ScanDigital's High Quality Digitization Services
by: Anonymous

Do you have old photos stored in a box? Or video tapes that you can no longer play, sitting on a shelf in the living room?

ScanDigital provides high quality digitization services to transfer your older formats to digital. Scan your photos, slides, negatives and family photo albums to digital images. Transfer your old videos, camcorder tapes and reels of film to convenient DVDs.

ScanDigital will transfer all of your aging formats to a convenient digital format, save from the aging effects of time.

Use discount code MILITARY to receive 15% off all ScanDigital services.

FluffRump Cloth Diapers
by: Kevin

FluffRump offers cloth diapers and eco-friendly products. We want to offer military families a 5% discount when shopping in our online store. Cloth diapers are a great way to save money, help the environment, and they are better for baby!

The discount is available online or in our brick and mortar store. You need to request a coupon code by sending an email to We need to see a copy of your military ID in the store.  

For every request and every subsequent order, we would give a different code, so the codes are not reusable.

Off Broadway Shoes in Knoxville
by: Anonymous

Off Broadway Shoes in the Turkey Creek Shopping Mall gives a 15% discount to military both active and retired. Must ask for it.

Payless Shoes
by: Anonymous

Payless Shoes offers a discount for active and retired military.

I am a veteran, but not active or retired, and they gave it to me anyway.

HEROES Tactical Military Discount
by: Anonymous

HEROES Tactical is an online retailer that specializes in Firearms and Firearms Accessories that are geared towards military applications. They offer a 5% discount to Active, Reserve and Retired Military Members and Law Enforcement Professionals. They are located at: Type in "Heroes Advantage" at checkout to redeem your discount.

10% Military discount at Buckle
by: Anonymous

Buckle offers 10% military discount with id.

10% off any Spenco product
by: Anonymous

Feet hurt? Wound care for blisters or insoles for heel pain, they have it all. Texas Insoles ship free - even APOs.

!0% discount on purchase. Use coupon code- 10off - or call 1 888-992-3683 ext 251, we will return calls ASAP/leave voice mail. Or email sales@texasinsoles.

O'Reilly Auto Parts
by: Anonymous

They offer a military discount. There is no set percentage. It depends on how much you spend & what you buy.

10% Off Military Luggage (Backpacks, deployments bags, etc.)
by: Anonymous

10% OFF!!! If you are looking to buy military luggage such as backpacks, suitcases, deployment bags, etc... I have been working with Military Luggage company and they are giving 10% OFF all their items!

After you pick your bags and go to check out and pay use the promo code: James from now till Sept. 30th to get 10% off of all gear. Their website it Share this code with your friends, units, and family!

Thank you all for your service!

Big Apple Circus- 50% off for military
by: Angela

Big Apple Circus is proud to announce a 50% discount to its spectacular all-new show LEGENDARIUM, for the families of all active-duty military personnel, veterans, and college students. Experience the excitement under our climate-controlled Big Top where no seat is more than 50 from the Ring.

When: September 20th - October 8, 2012

Where: Dulles Town Center, 45630 Dulles Center Blvd.

Enter coupon code "military" for the military discount or coupon code "student" for the college student discount. Some dates and seats are not eligible for the discount. Anyone who has purchased a discounted ticket online will be required to show a current ID or other proof that they're qualified to receive this special rate at will call. Without qualifying proof, they won't be admitted to the show and no refund will be issued. Tickets purchased at regular price cannot later be converted to the discounts price.
by: Anonymous

Http:// We offer a variety of personalized items all of which could be printed with military insignia, or a picture, or a personal message. We offer a discount of around 5% on all of our items.

Ecko Unlimited clothing stores
by: Anonymous

Ecko clothing stores give 10% or 15% military discount for all military affiliations. Great savings for school shopping!

Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering
by: Mark Brontsema

The Arizona Climbing and Adventure School ( is offering $20 to $100 off to military service men and women on their rock climbing, rappelling and canyoneering courses.

by: Anonymous

Just found out that Earthfare offers a 10% military discount.

5% Active Military Discount for Summer Day Camp in Freeport, Maine
by: Wolfe's Neck Farm

Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine offers children ages 4-14 the opportunity to spend a week learning and growing on our 626 acre nonprofit farm. Active Military Discount is 5%.

Additional discounts available for families who camp at our award-winning oceanfront campground while their child is at camp.

AmunWave Tactical Optics - 10% Off Military Discount
by: Anonymous

AmunWave Tactical Optics LLC is a distributor of Numa Sunglasses. We specialize in tactical, ballistic and sport eyewear. 10% off Active Duty Military Discount. Go to for more details.

Plastic Surgery - Savannah, Ga
by: Anonymous

Finger and Associates offers military discounts on Botox, Fillers, and Surgical procedures.

They are located in close proximity to Hunter Army Airfield, and they also have a satellite office in Hinesville close to Fort Stewart.

I don't remember the exact amount, but I was impressed. I do remember the consult was free, call (912) 354-4411 for more info.

This is a good time to remind our readers that listings here do not constitute endorsements by

Before availing yourself of any services offered here, be sure to do your research, particularly with regard to any medical procedure. Check into the background and experience of the doctor and the clinic or surgical facility in question.

If you decide on a plastic surgery procedure, make sure that the doctor is properly trained (board certified is best) and has sufficient experience, having done a large number (say, 300 or more) of the procedures you're interested in.

Unfortunately, there have been reports in the media about unqualified doctors performing plastic surgery procedures (which are generally very lucrative) after minimal training, sometimes with disastrous results, including serious injury, and in some cases, death. is not responsible for your use or misuse of any information found here.

20% Off all services w/ Military ID
by: Oneida Holistic Health Center in CT

The Oneida Holistic Health Center in Marlborough, CT offers a 20% discount to all members of our military and their families. This offer is extended to all active members, retired members, their spouses, parents and children.

The discount is valid for *all services, classes and retail items (except Naturopathic Physician visits, please see below). Please present id at checkout.

The Holistic Health Center offers a variety of services including Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reiki, Hypnosis, Skincare, meditation, massage, addiction counseling, Life Coaching and more.

Our website is

* The law prohibits discounts for Naturopathic Physician services because of insurance regulations. However, our Naturopathic Physician extends this offer to all supplements and testing not covered by insurance. Offer can not be combined with any coupons. THANK YOU!

by: Anonymous

Oakley offers a military discount if you go to their website I do not know if they offer this in stores also.

Military Grade Nutritionals discount info
by: Anonymous

Military Grade Nutritionals, a dietary supplement company out of Vegas is offering a special military discount for all purchases made on their website.

Just enter the following promo code at checkout and get 30% OFF for any of your purchases: MilitaryHeroes2013

Mountain House freeze-dried food Discount
by: Anonymous

Oregon Freeze Dry will give a discount on Mountain House food.

Email your Military ID to and they will send you an order form for all products.

This sounds like a great way to send goodies and extra food items to deployed loved ones. Check out their items at Mountain House Foods.

Disabled Veterans
by: Lindsay

I don't understand why a lot of places won't give the military discounts to disabled veterans. We done our time. We were disabled by serving our country, but no one seems to care.

Military Vehicle Relocators
by: Anonymous

Military Vehicle Relocators gives away a cruise every year, and a 50 dollar discount to all active or inactive military. Military Discount
by: Anonymous


After a four-week free trial for all Grocery Game lists, which match sales information, including unadvertised sales and with coupon information for thousands of deals for grocery stores and drugstores in one's area, The Military Personnel Discount provides a user with an All Access Savings Pass to all Grocery Game lists another 8 weeks by buying only one list for $5 (50% off 10$ price) . During the whole 12 week period a user may save $1000 or more on groceries.

Hancock Fabrics
by: Anonymous

I noticed a sign at the location on Quince Ave. in Memphis TN. 2nd Wed. of the month any military ID gets you -15%. Semper Fi

Eddie Bauer
by: Anonymous

Eddie Bauer offers a 10% military discount at many locations.

by: Airtoad

I am a Viet Nam combat Vet who appreciates the vet discounts.

I eat at Arby's often in the Omaha, Nebraska, area. The 2 Arby's in Bellevue NE. area always give the discounts with no hassle, but the one at 50th and G street in Omaha refused to give the discount. I contacted Arbys corporate on line and asked them if there is a reason that this location did not give military discounts.

Not much later the manager at this location personally called me said that he hadn't known of the other locations giving the discounts.(REALLY?)

But to his credit, he started giving the discounts. I ate there and received the discount. It pays to question the decisions.

Nebraska Brewing Company
by: Anonymous

Nebraska Brewing Company in the Shadow Lake shopping center at 72nd. St. And Highway 370 In Papillion, Nebraska, does give a 10% veteran military discount.

It is a nice micro brewery and good restaurant. Great food and friendly service. Great fried dill pickles.

10% Military Discount at Deliberate Dynamics
by: Anonymous

Deliberate Dynamics is a veteran-owned tactical company that specializes in premium gear and equipment for law enforcement, military, and government contractors.

10% off entire store at Provide a scanned copy of your credentials to receive a discount code. Cannot be combined with other promotions, and is valid for in-stock items only.

All Home Depot stores should honor the 10% military discounts, not just some. Thank you military.
by: Anonymous

If a customer at Home Depot served in the military to fight for our country, and does not have an active military card, but can produce a driver's license, and other I.D. that they served, then give them their discount in all stores.

Customers reply that the other stores give them their discounts, including Lowe's.

I think all of our military, and families, deserve this.

HATS OFF to all our military, and for protecting our country.

Newnan, Georgia

Save up to 20% at Great Wolf Lodge
by: Great Wolf Lodge

Save up to 20% at Great Wolf Lodge. Water park passes are always included and good for your entire stay.

Visit to take advantage of this special offer, just for you. Use promo code HEROES.

Wylie Wagg 10% military discount
by: Anonymous


Wylie Wagg is a family-owned, small business committed to the health, happiness, and well-being of dogs, cats, small animals, and birds.

Wylie Wagg offers an in-store discount of 10% off for all active and retired members of the military! Just show a military ID at the counter in any of our locations.

We are four stores located in northern Virginia: Middleburg, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Arlington.


Old Navy offers Military Discount
by: Anonymous

I believe it's 10%.

Breathe Easy Dry Salt Therapy
by: Sadman Shakib

Offers 25% military discount on all dry salt therapy services and packages to all active and veteran members of the armed forces.

For finding local places...
by: Anonymous

Nice website!

For finding location-specific places, you should check out

15% discount
by: Anonymous

From Boscovs department store. You have to go to the customer service for you shopping pass.

20% off Zenytime - Play with your Breath to Control your Health
by: Anonymous

20% discount for military on our unique mobile game accessory aimed at fighting stress and improve well-being.

The code is MIL20 and the website (always free shipping for USA addresses)

Bomgaars Farm Supply Discount
by: Airtoad

Bomgaars, a farm supply and clothing store in the midwest - Nebraska, Iowa, and other nearby states - offers a military discount to active and vets but does not advertise it. You need to ask for it. If you ask, they will give the discount.

Vape shop in Fayetteville, NC
by: Johna

We offer a 10% Military Discount.

Northern Tools
by: Anonymous

NT gave an instore 5% veterans discoun when we asked.

Anaheim University
by: Admissions

Anaheim University is a 100% online graduate school.

Veterans can use their VA Benefits here at AU.

Yankee Candle
by: Judith

I happen to adore Yankee Candle, especially in the fall. I'm even more impressed now as I've learned that they give a 15% military discount.

This is even true at their outlet stores and on sale items. I've used the discount in GA, MS, MI and TX so I'm pretty sure it's standard.

We offer 30% off Home Inspections for all Military and Their Families
by: John S - SafeLock Home Inspections LLC

We operate in Atlanta, GA and Surrounding Areas

go to our website for contact info!

Military Spouse Natural Products Business Offers Military Discount
by: Momma's Best Homemade

Momma's Best Homemade began as a way to make organic, natural self and homecare products for my family. Now I'm making them available to you.

We are a military-spouse owned and operated business and want to share these great products with other military families. Simply shop at, make your selections, and at check-out use the discount code FOR_MILITARY and receive a 15% discount off of your order.

Find natural and organic selfcare products for everyone in your family as well as unique products to care for your home.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to share these with you and your military family.

Thank you.

Ooh, I look forward to checking these out! Going natural is healthier for all of us. Thanks!

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