2011 Military Spouse
Friendly Employers

Top 10 Military Spouse Friendly Employers for 2011 Honored by Military Spouse Magazine

Military Spouse Magazine has released its fourth annual list recognizing the most successful companies in hiring and recruiting from the talent pool of 1.1 million spouses of military service members – 93 percent of whom are women.

This is a welcome change from the days when yours truly was a military spouse searching for a job, and employers didn't want to hire military spouses because they knew they'd have to go through the hiring and training process again in a couple of years.

"For decades corporations have resisted hiring military spouses, using their transient lifestyles as an excuse to hire civilians instead," said Babette Maxwell, co-founder and executive editor of Military Spouse. "Technology has ushered in a more mobile workplace, plus corporate America recognizes the key to success is choosing the best possible employees."

Top companies were selected from a pool of approximately 2,500 which earned a minimum of $1 billion in annual revenues. Companies were evaluated on their efforts to recruit military spouses, results in recruiting them and policies affecting them.

  1. With 1,686 military spouses in its ranks, #1 USAA offers special programs to support the unique circumstances military spouses face, earning the company its second consecutive year at the top of the list. Military spouses working at USAA are provided access to a Work Life Referral counselor to help find alternative child care options during deployments. USAA also sponsors intranet sites specifically designed to support deploying employees and spouses with financial, legal and benefits-related information and guidance.

    "We do everything we can to ensure our employees have everything they need to be successful – great training, a superb work environment, support for spouses of deployed service members, growth opportunities, and great child care – just to name a few. And now we are expanding opportunities across the country and piloting a small number of work-at-home opportunities to help make our spouse jobs more mobile," said Erica Banks, a major in the Air Force Reserve and director of USAA's Military Programs.

  2. Between 15 and 20 percent of the 1,800 employees with TriWest Healthcare Alliance are military spouses, earning it the No. 2 position on this year's list.

    "We specifically seek out the employment of those who are supporting a family member who serves," said David J. McIntyre, Jr., TriWest Healthcare Alliance president and CEO. "It allows us to stay focused on who we are responsible for taking care of: the military family."

    TriWest runs an internal operation called "We Care," which, among other things, offers flexible scheduling during deployment and provides free phone cards to the employees whose spouses are deployed, as well as care packages for the deployed service member.

  3. T-Mobile
  4. Army & Air Force Exchange Service
  5. CSC
  6. Adecco
  7. RE/MAX International
  8. The Home Depot
  9. Health Net, Inc.
  10. Kelly Services, Inc.

For more detailed information on each of the Top 10 Military Spouse Friendly Employers, follow the link.

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