Members of the House and Senate get paid but I may not?

by Scott
(Remote Air Base - Afghanistan)

I am active duty military currently serving my 7th deployment to the Middle East. At the end of this trip to Afghanistan I will be at just over 1500 days deployed in the 13 years I have been in the Air Force.

Thank you, Scott, for your dedication to duty and to helping keep our nation safe from the forces of evil that would do us harm.

I have the strange feeling that members of the House and Senate are using military pay to make a political point.

If they just hold out long enough, the other side will cave and they will get the budget they want because no one wants to be the guy who hurt the troops while they were at war.

Well happily for me, anyway, there is a possible backlash for the actions of our elected officials. If they fail to pass a budget and the government goes into shutdown mode, I say we recall every single member of the House and Senate.

This really isn't that difficult of a concept. Do your job and pass a budget or we'll fire you and elect someone who wants to do the job and won't let petty politics get in the way.

Our elected officials have completely failed at governing for long enough. It is time for a serious change.

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Jul 21, 2011
Why take from Veterans?
by: Anonymous

I don't know why our Government is always trying to hurt Veterans. They have fought for their country and stood tall.

There are so many other departments that need to be cut. I feel if I am not going to get paid, why should you in the House and Senate?

I know one thing, I am voting for someone other than those we have now....

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