Lest You Forget

by Mr Bob (Gibbo) Gibson

Mr Kilmer,

How dare you make such comments as you did about Vietnam vets being PUNKS, borderline crims, and they wouldn't make a football team.

You pompous wannabee - you live in a world of make believe, and many of your friends are Drugies and Alco's who float between Rehab centres, and you say WE were misfits.

I traveled half way around the world from Australia to Chicago in 1986 with 5 of my Aussie Viet vet mates to march side by side with my American brother and sister Viet vets. We met the most honourable veterans you could find anywhere in the world in Chicago. We met the Mayor, the governor, General WESTY Westmoreland and had dinner with 80 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. NOT Bad for a few PUNKS.

You see, Mr. Kilmer, when you comment on American Vietnam vets you also include 55,000 Australian and 20,000 New Zealand troops who served and fought along side our yank mates in Vietnam.

Sir, you should be made to go to the "WALL," the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, and read out loud for one week all the names that are on that memorial.

Your comments have traveled a long way and will have done you no good at all in your quest for fame, and God help the people of
New Mexico if you ever get into any seat of public service there or anywhere in America, as you are now on the same football team as "Hanoi Jane" Fonda.

Don't know what position you're going to play but you're right up there you goose. You have shot yourself in the foot, you idiot.

In 1987, we Australian Vietnam vets received a welcome home not ever seen in this country before, and some 35,000 Aussie and American Viet vets marched through the sunny streets of Sydney on that day of 3rd Oct 1987 and were cheered by thousands of flag raising Australian citizens. NOT Bad for a bunch of punks.

Sir, you truly need to have a long look at yourself and the comments you made regarding Vietnam veterans and how you would know more than they would and you have never stepped up to the plate.

Kilmer, throw on a real uniform and get yourself over to Afghanistan "ASAP" - turn yourself into a real man, or at least do something for your country other than the make believe job you have in hollywood.

In closing I say to you Sir, "LEST YOU FORGET".

Bob "Gibbo" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran Rifleman.
D&E Platoon 1ATF Nui-Dat 1967-Oct 1968.
Survivor of Battle for Firebase Coral 13th May 1968 Bien Hoa Province.
Disabled Vietnam Veteran "TPI".

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Feb 06, 2009
Lest you Forget
by: Anonymous

Good going Gibbo, once again. You rock!

Feb 06, 2009
Vietnam and the Wannabees
by: Ken.T.

If only we had these people with us when the war was on. There are many that could have cleaned up the other side long before we had our boots on.

Gibbo, you have always said it as it was. You are more polite then I, and I respect your words.

God Bless you, Bro, and Welcome Home.

Feb 06, 2009
Lest You Forget
by: BillieJean42

Way to go Bob, my good friend! Val Kilmer is so used to seeing "make believe" men, his vision has been obstructed and he's not able to recognize "real men".

I've told you many stories about my "real man warrior". If he were still with us I'm sure he would have plenty to say to Kilmer!

I'm very proud to call you my friend even though we haven't met face to face. I know my Vietnam Vet would have, too.

This jerk( and I'm cleaning that up) denigrates all who served with honor in that war! He doesn't have a clue!

Kilmer needs to apologize, but don't hold your breath guys.

God Bless All of You,

Billie Brant
Proud wife and widow of a VIETNAM VET
Charleston, Illinois

Feb 06, 2009
Free Speech and Cheap Talk
by: Rich 'Hawk' Westlake

I, as my comrade in arms, Australian Bob Gibson, am proud to have served my country and the eternal fight for human dignity and individual freedom in real time.

I have also sat and watched your cinema interpretations of real as well as fictional heroes, and I must admit I was a fan. That is until I learned of your rhetorical mockery of REAL American heroes.

You see, you has-been, we've already been through this crap. We've heard it all, over and over again.

Now, a product of the entitlement generation tells me that he KNOWS more what real combat is like than the actual veteran??

I agree with Gibbo in the sense that you should don a military uniform and engage our enemies in reality, like we did. But I sure wouldn't want to be in the foxhole next to yours.

The lesson here, is there's one HELL of a difference between free speech and cheap talk. Free speech bought and paid for by the veteran. Cheap talk from media clowns like you.

Feb 06, 2009

What a shame, Kilmer.

I always liked you as an actor, but now, as a man, I think you are a horse's behind for the comments you made recently.

I am a Vietnam veteran and have never considered myself a punk or any of the other put-dwon terms you chose to use.

You think you really know what it is like to be in a fire fight? I actually feel sorry for you, Kilmer, because you just lost one heck of a lot of fans.

You have been living in the make believe world for so long, it has twisted your brain and you have become just another wannabe. I liked Bob Gibson's suggestion that you put on a uniform and head to Afghanistan and BE the hero you perceive yourself to be.

I need a good laugh and will follow your short stay there. You have a nice day there, Kilmer. Oh, you really should stay where you belong, in your make believe world.


Feb 06, 2009
For you, Mr. Kilmer
by: Anonymous

Bravo, Bob. You have said what most American vets would like to say. And were I a resident of New Mexico, he sure would not get my vote.

Yes, you gave good advice, wear the uniform and serve a tour like Viet Nam, or Iraq, then call them punks.

But a word of advice, watch your back because with your attitude, you might not be too safe.


Feb 06, 2009
42 Months in Vietnam as an artilleryman and a medic
by: A. Alan Hill

Big mouth PUNKS like Kilmer who have never served their country should keep their mouth shut. "I am a big famous movie star" - no you are a punk, who plays at being tough.

I have been with REAL MEN, Veterans from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the U. S. They were members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. A lot of them died so that PUNKS like this could speak out and make a big fool of themselves.

Little Girls like this PUNK would run and hide when the stuff hit the fan. They would cry for their mommies and pee all over themselves.

The reason he is in the movie industry is because he could not make it with the real men.

A. Alan Hill
Kerrville, Texas

Feb 07, 2009
Cowboyyy Kilmer
by: Doug Scrivner USMC

I have seen some call you Mr Kilmer, that's being real loose with words.

Being a 2 tour RVN vet, not only can you not walk the walk, you are not even man enough to talk the right talk. Playing cowboy ain't nothin like being a real cowboy dude.

Doug Scrivner USMC RVN 68-69

Feb 08, 2009
Lest You Forget
by: Chuck Kizis

What a [dunder]head Val Kilmer is. If a person wanted to get a lot of free publicity there are other ways to do it. Not at the expense of the Vietnam Veteran. No matter what Nationality. We are all brothers and sisters and no one that hasn't been to Vietnam can join our ranks.

This idiot has had his blinkers on all of his life. Up til the current war.....the Vietnam Veteran was the highest educated and trained person of any other war or conflict. That's a proven fact. So much for us punks. And my dad never laid a finger on me. And I'm sure that goes for most Veterans.

Bob Gibson is a long time friend and I wholeheartedly agree with every word that he has written. This so-called actor is no credit to his profession and is indeed the lowest of the low in my eyes.

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