Kilmer Vietnam Loser's Success Story

I did 26 months in country in Viet Nam as a combat door gunner, all volunteer. I came home, graduated from college, got a job and rose from entry level to Executive VP, before starting my own business.

The president of the first company would ask if I was ever going to go postal...he thought it was funny until I'd had enough and told him. He really did not realize how much that hurt and he had become a good friend. He deeply regretted his comments.

I suspect Val Kilmer's ego and Esquire's desire to publish an inflammatory article combined to result in a factual but regrettable quotation.

Now Val, you have to live with it and its consequences.

Thank you for your service to our country, and welcome home.

We agree that Val Kilmer's ego probably got the best of him, and he chose a very poor example to attempt to illustrate his point about mental preparation for a role.

But he was given the opportunity to redeem himself by making a public apology and acknowledging the service of our Vietnam veterans. The fact that he chose not to tells us all we need to know about his intentions.

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