Kilmer FOR Govenor!!!

by Gary W.

After reading this article and analysis, I am all for Val Kilmer running for Governor of New Mexico! Especially after being "misquoted" for those comments about Vietnam veterans. I am sure the Native American Tribes in New Mexico will be interested in hearing what he can be misquoted about his opinions of them!

I am a Vietnam veteran, not by choice - meaning I didn't volunteer to go there - but by fate for following orders as an Army soldier that tied me to that period of this country's military history!

Since Vietnam veterans have served AND fought to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States, Val Kilmer has the right to speak his mind, even to be misquoted when doing so, as well as to run for political office where he will answer for his statements, and, official actions - IF elected - in dealing with the thousand of Vietnam veterans who live in New Mexico. I am sure he WON'T be invited to speak at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire on Veterans Day!!!

In the meantime, I don't worry about what comes out of the mouths of the celebrity crowd when it comes to politics! From what I know, the seat of the Federal government is near the East Coast in Washington, DC, not near the West Coast in Hollywood, CA.

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