It's Time for a Real Change

by Dicci Brignoni

Dicci writes:

Congress works the benefit of ALL the people, not just the special interest of a few.

It's time to change the system, and that is something Obama can do. It's through his transparency policies is that we know about all the crooked dealing going on in Washington, like insider trading; something that has always been against the law yet we needed to pass a law to tell congress that it includes them to. How many presidents before Obama knew about this and did nothing?

It's time for the people to put some changes to a vote, starting with changing Congress and all the money they make; the people are tired of the games politicians play at our expense.
If things do not change soon, the people will continue to revolt, it's our right, it's our money, it's our justice.

by Janet, Editor


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I agree with your first sentence and a half, and then my head wants to explode.

Transparency?? Are you kidding?

Have you heard of a little debacle called Fast and Furious?? The Obama administration refusing to provide documents subpoenaed by Congress? Obummer claiming he knew nothing about it, and then invoking Executive Privilege to justify the refusal to provide the documents? Executive Privilege can only be claimed by the Executive (the President), so by claiming Executive Privilege, he's necessarily admitting to knowledge of the documents.

Then I agree with you again: Obama has proved he can change the system. But he's rapidly changing our democratic
republic into a socialist state; something that our Founding Fathers would not even recognize as the America they created, which took pride in and encouraged individual initiative and accomplishment.

Did you hear your president the other day telling American businessmen that if their business was successful, they couldn't take credit for it; it was the government that allowed them to be successful? On the contrary, the ones who are successful are successful in spite of the government bureaucracy.

Every socialist system has ultimately failed, because when the producers are no longer rewarded for their initiative and their success by enjoying the fruits of their own labor, and instead have their production given to others who produced nothing, they will eventually stop producing and wait for someone else's wealth to be "shared" with them. But there will be nothing to share, because there are suddenly no producers --- everyone is waiting for his/her handout from the government.

I definitely agree with your last paragraph, though. It is time to make some sweeping changes in DC, starting with the White House.

Anyone who has beeen in Congress for more than six years needs to be replaced with some fresh blood and hopefully, some fresh ideas. We need to put an end to the concept of a "career politician."

Congress was supposed to be made up of regular citizens, not some elite "ruling class," which is what it has turned into.

I say, I'll keep the Constitution, my guns and my money; you keep the change!

Readers, what say you?

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Term Limits
by: Joe B.

It's time to let the voting public decide on term limits for both Congress and the Senate. We need to weed out the career politicians once and for all.

Eight year, single terms should be the law of the land. These bozos get in there and after a few years are vested for life with health care benefits and pensions. That needs to come to an end.

The current leadership hasn't gotten the job done. That goes for both parties. Clean house from the very top down.

New Constitutional Foundation
by: L. Lambert

What is needed to correct the corruption of Governments in general and ours in particular is a new foundation for Constitutional and other law. All law has to follow from law to BE law and therefore legal. Why is the Constitution exempt from that principal?

Congress of the 1960's examined the Constitution in connection with Civil Rights issues concerning equality, and found that the Constitution didn't follow from any legal principal! It didn't follow from the Federal Articles, or from the Declaration of Independence. It was a lone philosophical construct.

What better laws should the Constitution or any other law follow from than those immutable laws of the universe, starting with REALITY! That takes care of lying politicians!

Reality says what is NOT the case with greatest authority. Natural law also speaks with great authority when contradiction is indulged in, such as in the logic and principals of SOCIALISM and the like, not only lies as well.

Validity is therefore the second measure.

The third principal to be considered is EQUITY -- that which establishes there is no "free lunch"; you get what you pay for and no more. That takes care of "deficit spending"-- taking by the Government of the right to oblige the CITIZENS to pay for Governmental largesse (GRAFT and other corruption).

Lastly, everything done must be in GOOD FAITH -- no purpose or means of evasion!

BY writing this foundation, all law would be subject to review when implemented or enforced if pre-existing. The Constitution would be rewritten the same way as existing law is rewritten -- by judges who establish legal precedents by decision! I guess this is too simple (and honest) for the politicians to embrace, huh?

Editor's response:

"All law has to follow from law to BE law and therefore legal."

As a law school graduate and an attorney licensed in multiple states, I don't recall ever hearing such a statement.

But if we accept your assertion, then perhaps our Constitution and other laws should follow from the Ten Commandments - the "original" laws of man, handed down to Moses by our Creator. But our government is bowing to those who wish to remove all references to religion from our lives.

So, what would the chances be of getting enough votes to approve a Constitution based on those principles??

Americans should know there is nothing wrong with our Constitution. It is an amazingly efficient and effective document, and resulted in the creation of the greatest Constitutional Republic this world has ever known. It simply needs to be properly enforced by a government that is not crippled by political correctness.

I want to quickly address your last point - it is NOT the job of judges to create law. That is the job of Congress. The job of judges is to interpret the laws that are passed by Congress, and decide how they should be applied to different situations.

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