by Eric S., Former LtJG, USN, USS Oklahoma City,
Yankee Station, Vietnam '72 '73 '74
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Arrogance is generally a cover-up for inadequacy. And Mr. Kilmer seems to have plenty of both.

Apparently one of his inadequacies is a failure to think things through and to know his subject before he expounds (yes, he'll make the perfect politician!).

Another inadequacy is Mr. Kilmer's need to say outrageous things to garner attention. Unfortunately for him, this only serves to highlight more of his inadequacies: lack of intelligence, discretion, and compassion.

Mr. Kilmer is too young to have experienced "The Draft Lottery" which grabbed young men simply on the basis of their birth date and sent them off to fight in Vietnam. I was born on June 4th so my draft number was 20. As soon as I finished my degree in Electrical Engineering - poof! Many of my shipmates were in a similar situation: educated, but born on the wrong day.

Mr. Kilmer seems to be saying that he is in a better position to understand what it is like to kill someone because he has "prepared his mind for it." Let him spend some time in a firefight with real bullets and see just how prepared he is!


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