I'll Match IQ's with Kilmer and
Spot Him 10 Points

by Dave
(Oklahoma City)

Like most liberals, Kilmer is a weasel, except he's not quite as smart as one of those little varmints. He DID express his contempt for Vietnam Vets in that Esquire article and Esquire can PROVE it. You see, the interview was taped!

To deny it now just goes to show that he STILL doesn't have the ghost of a clue and has the same wits as most bugs...hence, a "bug-wit."

I am a Vietnam Vet and I volunteered...twice...to serve a cause that I believed in then.

Subsequent events, such as the murder of millions of SE Asians, prove that I was right and the far-left, cheese-smelling "peaceniks" were dead wrong and Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia paid the price for the the left's stupidity.

I hold two undergraduate degrees in business administration, an MS in microbiology and I have a J.D. I am also a past member of MENSA. I dropped my membership when their gatherings proved to be self-congratulatory, "Gee, aren't we smart" sessions.

I am a successful businessman and am about to retire (though, in view of the boobs this country has installed in D.C., I may postpone retirement for a bit until I can better protect my assets from government confiscation).

If any New Mexicans vote for this idiot, you'll lose MY respect (as if any of you care), but you'll also force me to withdraw from any investments in your State, as well. He's a pretty-boy idiot...much like our current POTUS.

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Spot Him 10 Points

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Feb 08, 2009
Let's hear the tape before final judgement
by: Pat Alexander

I appreciate your comments and respect and honor your service. I, too, am a veteran of Viet Nam. Although unable to brag about being a past or current member of Mensa, and not at all interested in comparing IQ scores with anyone, I feel that my intelligence is sufficient.

I work as a licensed private investigator and deal with evidence on a daily basis. I hear a lot of people claim things that later turn out to be untrue. I even hear people claim to have "pictures", "video", "tape recordings" but when pressed to produce them they suddenly find there was a problem with the equipment or the recording was somehow lost or destroyed. I will hold judgement on the validity of the claim until I hear the "tape".

I am also very interested in the true context of any statements that may have been made. I am also keenly aware that statements can be taken out of context and used to assert a meaning that was not present in the original statement.

What if? I am not saying this happened, but to illustrate my point, what if the conversation went like this:

Q: Mr. Kilmer, why have you not played a Viet Nam Veteran?

A: Because I don't like the way the characters were presented to me, "they were all jerks... (continue with the statement Kilmer is alleged tohave made)..."

Then just cut out the parts you like and present them as whatever you want them to mean... It happens.

I will be very interested to see if the comments were made at all, and if so, what was the entire context in which they were. I will be very unhappy to learn that my anger was invoked inappropriately and for someone's political purposes.

Feb 09, 2009
Well done response
by: Jacque

Thank you for your temperance. It is not possible for Esquire to have any tape of that interview because they published an 'essay' that was written by Mr Klosterman, and not the entire interview. If there is a tape, it is the property of Mr Klosterman. Your description of how people can be misquoted is very well done.

Feb 09, 2009
The Benefit of the Doubt
by: Francis Edwards

I am an Australian Vietnam Vet and when I was notified of the Esquire magazine article I too hit the roof.

I have since had communication with Val Kilmer by email and he tells me that his comments were taken completely out of context by the interviewer and presented in a way that was all but a direct opposite of the conversation that was about 'Method Acting'

He also stated that if he were in any Vietnam vets shoes he would have been equally outraged by reading what was published and has apologised for any pain he may have unwittingly caused.

I believe the man deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. When I think about it even further - Why would a person who depends upon being admired by the public to ensure his own livelihood set out to enrage a harmless group of aging veterans and all their family members. It makes no sense.

On the strength of his comments, I apologised to him for my ruthless barrage and he accepted it graciously.

Let's give him any benefit of doubt.

Francis Edwards

Ed. Note: Thank you for commenting, Francis. We have published Val's apology.

I agree - that makes no sense. However, it also makes no sense for the writer to have made up that example in the context of a conversation that had nothing to do with Vietnam or the military or anything else remotely related.

If he wanted to make up an absurd illustration, he could've postulated that because Kilmer played Doc Holliday, he knew better than someone who was dead how that felt.

We're attempting to get a statement from the article's author. Several readers have written to say that until then, they will suspend judgment. If Val's office can help us contact Chuck Klosterman, that would be greatly appreciated.

But I'm sure you can understand our skepticism, since the article was published in 2005, and we've been unable to find any earlier denials of its contents by Mr. Kilmer until he's contemplating running for office and it suddenly causes a worldwide outcry.

As I said, we're still waiting to resolve this one.

Thanks again,
Janet, Editor

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