I Enjoyed Val Kilmer's Acting in Tombstone.

by Jeff

I enjoyed Val Kilmer's acting in Tombstone. Of course, I don't know him as a person.

I think his comments prove again that we don't know much about celebrities in Hollywood or elsewhere.


Kilmer is despicable if he actually believes the fantasy that he can know someone's experience (especially, one of war) through the imagination.

In my experience as a human being, you don't really understand an experience until you go through it yourself and learn from it. An experience is never quite (or can be far different from) what a person imagines it to be.

Val Kilmer is a privileged person and unfortunately it's corrupted his sense of reality.

Kilmer's insults to those who have served in Vietnam are disgusting. One of the reasons he is able to earn the money and fame he has is because our nation is strong. Unfortunately, like other nations, our soliders have paid the price for our nation's strength.

Some privileged people are critical of America, but notice they are not critical of their earnings or success here, opportunities they have only because of the service of the military they criticize.

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