How to help local wounded warriors?

by Lenore
(Jefferson County, MO)

I received a request from Wounded Warrior Project that says, "Through programs offered by the Wounded Warrior Project(WWP), people like you touch lives of injured troops from Missouri and across the country!".

However, on the donation form, they tell you that my contribution will be used as WWP deems needed.

I just want to help a local veteran in my area --
How can I do this??

Lenore, this is an excellent question. Many people wonder how they can help wounded warriors in their local area.

We asked Wounded Warrior Project about your solicitation, and they provided the following response:

"While WWP greatly appreciates your contribution, we do not allocate funds to specific individuals, military branches or geographic regions. Furthermore, WWP does not provide personal financial assistance to the soldiers. However, we would be pleased to allocate your donation to one of our established WWP programs. To learn more about our programs, please visit our website and explore the items listed on the left of the screen:

In addition, unrestricted donations to WWP have the greatest impact as the funds are used to support warriors nationwide and provides them help where they need it most."

In other words, you may restrict your donation to a specific WWP program, but they prefer that your donation is unrestricted so they can use it wherever they feel the need is greatest.

One place where you CAN provide help for wounded warriors in your local area is at your local VA hospital. You can volunteer your time to visit with a wounded warrior or perform other volunteer activities, or donate magazines, books, or funds for one of the local programs, which vary from hospital to hospital. Click to find the VA Hospital, clinic, or vet center nearest you.

Another way to help wounded warriors in your local area is to contact your state's veterans office and ask them how you can help local veterans.

We also found listings of some specific needs cases at Operation Homefront's website, if you're inclined to respond to some of those.

If you know of other ways to help local veterans, please share them by clicking below where it says "add your own comments."

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Jan 18, 2014
Ugly Bags and More
by: "Hugs and Stitches"

We have a group of ladies at our church who like to sew for others.

Our project has been making sleeping bags (ugly bags) for the homeless. They are called ugly because they are made from donated fabrics so each bag has it's own personality.

We take these bags to My Brother's Keeper, in downtown Flint, Michigan where they are picked up by a person who knows the whereabouts of the homeless, many of whom are veterans.

We also prepare a box of many personal items to be given to the veterans who are being helped by My Brother's Keeper. There are approximately 15 veterans at a time being helped back into the community.

About once every 4-6 weeks we prepare dinner for 25-30 homeless and veterans at the My Brother's Keeper site. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to use our talents to help the veterans of our local area.

These sound like outstanding and much-needed projects. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to assist veterans in your local area. I'm sure your efforts are appreciated.

Jun 06, 2013
Selling Hand Made Jewelry to Help Wounded Warrior Project
by: Paula


I have just set up a non profit web site selling hand made jewelry to help the Wounded Warrior Project. I would like to get my site out there! Any suggestions as to where I can list it?

Thank you,

Hi Paula,

Have you set up a Facebook page for your jewelry yet? I would suggest that would be a good way to let people know that you're doing this project.

Best wishes,

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