Honor the Flag

by Michael Ely
(Wise, VA)

I think it is great that veterans can now honor the flag in this way.

Now if we could only have parents teach their kids to stand and face the Stars and Stripes, we might be able keep our country going for many more years.

Michael Ely
U.S. Army

Michael, you are so right. In today's society, it's an uphill battle to teach our children respect for anything, including human life.

But we have to find some way to reach them and help them understand that they are not guaranteed the privileged life enjoyed by most US residents. That life and its privilege was purchased for them at a very high cost, by people who didn't even know them.

Somehow they have to understand that unless they are willing to stand up and protect and defend our republic as thousands before them have done, it could one day (in their lifetime) cease to exist. And the farther we get from patriotism and the work ethic of our forefathers, the closer that day becomes.

So we have to get the parents to understand it so they can in turn teach it to their children and their children's children.

I think part of the problem is less of an emphasis on the lessons learned from history, so that's a good place to start.

But how do we teach patriotism and respect for our country when we have a president who has a "crotch salute" for the national anthem and refuses to wear an American flag pin in his lapel for "fear of offending someone?"

You are correct, it has to be done by parents, because it won't be done by the school systems any more, as it was when I was in school. And isn't that sad?!

Thanks for your support and your participation in our conversation.

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