Hey Hero!

by Jeff Powers
(Carlsbad CA)

Val Kilmer is a punk! He's like the rest of the hollywood fags who believe they're actually the part they played in a movie but never have or never will hear a shot fired in anger!

I spent 26 years in the Corps and this little worm couldn't shine the shoes of anyone who has actually "served" this nation. He's just like the other "heroes"....Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney. They actually believe they rate the respect of the parts they played but wouldn't have the balls to to put their frail feminine asses on the line for ANYTHING.

Yesterday I spoke to a group of actual warriors who are heading for Iraq again next month. I'd give anything to watch any one of these guys with Kilmer or the others for 30 seconds. They would then realize that they are nothing more than a whimpering idiot.

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