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Hero on My Arm creates custom purses from military uniforms.At Hero on My Arm, military spouse Seneca Hart has built a unique business, crafting creative custom purses from loved ones' military uniforms.

These purses allow military spouses, military girlfriends, military moms, sisters and other family members to keep their loved ones close, even when they're deployed. They are also a great way to show your pride in your service member.

These are some of the most creative, unique, personalized military gifts we've seen in a very long time, and we're happy to share them with you!

Special announcement: Hero on My Arm will close on June 15, 2013. If you've been thinking about one of these unique bags, the time to place your order is NOW. After June 15, it won't be possible to order them any more.

Hero on My Arm custom purses made from military uniformsGuys, solve your gift shopping challenges with a gift certificate so your lady can choose the options she likes best. Purses are very personal, and most women are very picky about them, so if you're gifting one, we strongly recommend a gift certificate.

Hart, an Army wife and mother of three, made a purse for herself from one of her husband's uniforms. While he was deployed to Iraq, she took her daughters to visit and spend some time with her husband's mother. His mother, the person who originally taught Seneca to sew, wanted one of the purses, and a business was born.

Hart initially began selling the custom bags on eBay, filling about two orders a week. Since that time, the business has grown to employ six seamstresses, all of whom have some family member in the military.


Hero on my Arm now sells the custom handbags on its own website, at HeroOnMyArm.com, and through roughly 60 representatives at various military locations. Purse parties are also popular ways to shop for your custom bag. Host one for your friends on base/post!


By year's end, Seneca Hart estimates she will have sold more than 5,000 personalized military uniform purses, and has shipped them to locations worldwide, including to Iraq. Nothing says our military women can't carry them off-duty!


Hero on My Arm will create a custom purse or diaper bag for you, either using a uniform you supply or using a donated uniform if you don't have one you want to use (for an added cost). You may choose one of their designs, or create your own.


The possibilities for customization are nearly endless, from choice of style, uniform, lining fabric, and strap style and fabric, to brightly colored ribbons and embroidered name strips.

If the uniform you supply has velcro patches on it, they will be left in place, and you can attach the patches worn by your service member. And if your uniform has patches sewn through the pockets, at your request Hero on My Arm will remove the patch, remove the pocket, sew the patch back on the pocket and the pocket back onto the uniform (for a small extra fee), so that the pockets become usable on the outside of the purse.

Seneca's husband is an Army helicopter pilot who was wounded when his Apache helo was shot down over Iraq in 2007. We're proud to feature this military-spouse-owned business, and we encourage you to show your military pride by carrying one of Seneca's custom designed purses made from your loved one's military uniform!

Please, help us spread the word about this military spouse-owned business. Link to this page from your Twitter and Facebook pages!

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