HAPPY 4th of July

by Sandy W.
(Katy, Texas USA)

Well, today is the day we celebrate our independence. We could not do that without you!

You are what makes America great, your courage and pride! We thank God that you have chose to give freedom to us and many others.

I want you to know we are proud of you and we are praying for your safe return home.

As we watch the sky light up with fireworks and color tonite we will think of you and your sacifice for us.

God bless each of you!! Take care and return home safe to us all.

Best Wishes,
A mom, grandmother and USAF VietNam surgical tech and medic,

Sandy W.

Sandy, thank you for your service, and Welcome Home.

It's so heartening to see the level of support for this generation of warriors from previous generations, especially those who weren't treated so well by their fellow countrymen.

To everyone wearing the uniform of the United States of America today,

THANK YOU and Happy Birthday!

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