Government Shutdown - Bad Strategy

by becky
(East Tennessee)

I was in the Navy back in 1995 for the last government shutdown.

I personally did not get paid for 6 weeks, even with Direct Deposit. It was terrible, because most of the creditors didn't care what your situation was. Unless they commonly did business with the military, you had to find the money to pay them (my truck and my apt were the only two who waited patiently).

Nowadays, I think companies are more willing to cooperate, especially now that the SCRA is more popular.

It IS hard, and granted, those Congressmen and women should stop their own pay and other things and leave the military's pay off limits.

But until they make it OFF LIMITS, we have to deal with it and adapt and overcome, like the strong breed that we all are.

And we all (the entire country) need to OPEN OUR EYES and stop being so dedicated to a certain political party, and actually HEAR what all of our local politicians are DOING, not SAYING!

Becky, you are so right. We need to first, take care of ourselves and make sure we have an emergency reserve to get us through a situation such as a government shutdown.

We should all have a "rainy day" fund, because even in the desert, it rains occasionally. It's a part of creating a secure financial future.

And you are also right that we need to stop blindly adhering to Party lines and watch what our politicians are doing. Are they putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak? If not, remember that come election time!

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