Fundraiser for Veterans Charities

by William Page-Clabaugh
(Argos, Indiana, United States)

I want to do a band fundraiser for veterans charities who serve all the fallen, injured, and regular heroes.

My dad is a veteran. I have seen where he has been shot, and he has told me about the three men that he lost. My grandfather was also a vet, he has passed on.

I have always respected vets, now I want to honor and respect and hopefully earn money for a charity for veterans. I want nothing more than to do something via a fundraiser to raise money for a charity for veterans.

How do I get in touch with veterans charities who might be interested?

William, thank you for your request, and for your desire to make donations to charities that support our military and veterans. We know from our readers that there are many Americans wanting to donate to veterans.

As far as we know, there is no "central clearing-house" for veterans charities -- but wouldn't that be a great idea?!

We believe your best bet would be to select the one military / veterans charity you'd like to support and contact them directly with your offer.

You may want to start with this list of troop-support organizations.

In selecting the veterans charity (or charities) to whom you'd like to offer your support, we recommend that you check out various veterans charities.

The veterans charities ratings we published are from testimony before Congress by Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy, in 2007. For more up-to-date ratings, we recommend you review the list of veterans charities reviews we've done at the request of our readers.

Those charities are listed in chronological order, not alphabetical order, so you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the list to see if the one you're interested in is listed.

If the charity you want to know about is not listed there, you may find it listed in the current version of AIP's Rating Guide. You may also find articles about specific veterans charities on AIP's web site. Scroll down the page to the heading that says Veterans Charities.

AIP also has a list of what it considers to be the top-rated or best veterans charities. You can also find a list of other organizations that provide charity ratings at the bottom of our page on veterans charities ratings.

Please post back here and let us know what happens as your project unfolds. We'll be happy to announce your fundraiser when you get all the details set up.

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